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Klaus later informed Rebekah that Kol had fled Mystic Falls. Not wanting Josh to warn Marcel, Kol contemplated killing Josh to be certain but instead stayed behind while his siblings went into the tunnels and Rebekah was distracting Marcel in the cemetery. He encountered Matt Donovan and expressed fear for himself and the other supernatural beings on the Other Side. Appearance He briefly appeared in the first season via flashbacks. Kol believed that if Klaus will have his way, all the witches would be wiped out and the city would be overrun with vampires. However, Esther revealed that she was going to use the white oak stake to destroy Rebekah's body, thereby wiping out her whole line of vampires, something Kol was not aware of. He is the uncle Freya and Mathias' unborn son, Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope, and Freya and Keelin's son, Nik. Elle porte avec elle un collier particulier entr… Klaus brought him all of the dark objects he had his witches create a hundred years ago as well as the white oak stake. Kol was also the only one of his siblings to tap into his power and awaken his magic, and so, loved the rush and thrill it gave him. Klaus, now trapped in the living room by magical barriers Bonnie had put up, was mere feet away but could do nothing, forced to look at his little brother's burnt corpse. TV Show Premiered on October 3 #1. Lucien warned Klaus that if Kol continued to give in to his decadence, the Mikaelsons wouldn't be able to stay much longer. Despite being centuries old, he appears to be in his early twenties, somewhere between 20 - 22. 13. Marcel's disliking for Kol was still prevalent but knew that he needed him alive. Kol tried to remind her of their previous relationship by dancing with her as he had right before he died. Following the resurrection of Davina and unlinking her new life to the Hollow, Kol seems to achieve a more calm and content personality. Kol brushed her off, angrily telling her that he hoped the prophecy was right and that they all rotted in hell for betraying his trust again. As of the season five premiere of The Originals, Kol and Davina are spouses. Then through his half-brother (Niklaus) and his half-nieces (Hope and Grace); he is connected to the North East Atlantic Werewolf Pack. Kol watched as Marcel convinced his vampires to not harm the citizens when the barrier dropped and make it to the blood bags across the river. However, he promised he would make it up to her later. Rebekah told him that they'd consecrate him in New Orleans so his soul would be with the ancestors, potentially being able to be resurrected. He went downstairs where he was met by the Hollow. Later, after Cami died from Lucien's bite, Davina sat near Kol's daggered body, wanting to be able to talk to him. Despite his flaws, he is shown to truly care for his family. Kol had been tracking Jeremy in Denver. 1. He promised Klaus that he would help him bring down Finn and said that Klaus should trust him for once. Species After Kol explained that Davina was trying to contact him and that parts of her soul must still remain, Vincent agreed to let Kol help defeat the Ancestors. Kol hoped that Mary-Alice and Astrid would grow experienced enough to create a dagger that would be able to work on Klaus, hiding their secret endeavors in a tomb in the Lafayette Cemetery. They are the younger Mikaelson siblings and love doing evil together. Although the spell is an effective one, Kol tried to lie and say it wasn't because he was worried about the consequences of using it. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. Knowing it was Esther, Kol examined the punctures and surmised that Esther was preparing Cami's body to be jumped into, believing that his mother desired to take possession of her body. From there, Kol and Davina worked together attempting to fashion a dagger that would work on Klaus and during this time, their relationship, having been fed by Kol's tendency to flirt, their mutual love of magic and palpable chemistry, blossomed. Later, Kol and Davina talked about how he hadn't taken the stake and she still trusted him before Klaus came in. When Rebekah was attacked by a group of witches that mistook her for her host body, Eva Sinclair, she later revealed to Marcel that she was searching the market in their territory for objects that would allow her to boost her power so that she would be able to bring Kol back from the dead, and that she couldn't leave this body until that had been done. Birth Name:Kol Mikaelson Born:10th Century A.D. (Mystic Falls) Age:Age Unknown/1000+ Turned:By Esther in Autumn 1001 (Through The Immortality Spell) Status:Slumbering (Linked to Klaus) Occupation: Nobleman (1002-1700's) (Formerly) Nomad (1300's-1700's) (Formerly) Member of The Ancestors (Formerly) Titles: The Wildest Mikaelson (by Finn) Kol told his siblings that all he ever wanted was for them to care about him and was happy to see that they did. He told her to find another way as nothing was worth what The Strix would make her do in return. They discovered a servant of the castle who had overheard their idea of posing as the guests. It was then revealed that Kol was actually neutralized. However, the spell failed, destroying their plan to help Hope. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Kol met up with Davina in the church attic, ecstatic that she was alive again but she reminded him that it was only so long as the Hollow was. Rebekah rejected this, saying that while she was still linked to the children from Eva's spell and it would result in their deaths, she was still going to hold true to her vow to return Kol back to life. Leah Pipes, 32 Camille O'Connell. Like Klaus, Kol has a sense of honor as he will not go back on his word, however, like his half-brother, he will always look for loopholes in the deals he makes. Despite his offer, the Harvest Girls refused his request and told him that they didn't like doing favors for vampires, especially Mikaelsons. He is the brother of Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Finn Mikaelson, Henrik Mikaelson and Freya Mikaelson. He specifically loved the power that magic gave him and hated having to lose it when he was turned into a vampire. Kol, frustrated by Marcel's persistence, told him to get over not being a Mikaelson since he never was one. It was soon after revealed that magic was causing his heightened aggression, caused by The Ancestors, who sabotaged his revival as a way to get back at Davina, which they eventually succeeded in. They got into an argument, with Rebekah claiming Kol was running like a rodent when his family needed him. Using Klaus as an anchor, Freya put all of them - herself, Kol, Elijah and Rebekah into a deep sleep that would allow time for Hayley to find cures for each of their ailments. In Catch Me If You Can, Kol discovered the group of vampires Klaus had turned and sicked on Jeremy, in order for him to kill them so that his Hunter's Mark would grow. Kol nearly desiccates when trying to leave. Arrived in New Orleans in a quest to find his half-brother, Niklaus. Kol accepted it and stayed behind to hold off the ancestors while Davina escaped. In Phantomesque, Kol and Rebekah partied in the French Rivera with a number of other vampires, feeding openly on humans at the club they were attending. Marcel took him to an isolated area, telling him that the safest thing to do for Davina's sake was to leave the city. Hope was happy to try to help when she realized he was doing it for love. Marcellus Mikaelson (né Gerard) is an Upgraded Original Vampire. Kol in the astral plane, represented by a sly fox. He's the paternal half-uncle of Hope Mikaelson and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. In When The Saints Go Marching In, Kol came to his family's aid after Klaus transferred the dark magic killing Hope into himself. Finn tried to turn Klaus and Elijah against Kol even more before banishing him from the plane and back into his mortal body, knowing he'd likely be eaten by the vampires. Family:Mikaelson family Relationship status:Taken Occupation:Student in Whitmore college Currently:-Resurrected by Davina-Trying to forgive his family-Living both in Mystic Falls & New Orleans Riley Voelkel, 30 Freya Mikaelson . In Exquisite Corpse, Kol was once again mentioned by Rebekah. Kol Mikaelson. His extremely violent and aggressive antics are a result of wanting attention from them. He attacked her, biting her in the neck and feeding on her excessively. Kol is shown to be genuinely intimidated and fearful of Silas. Kol discovers a revived Finn after giving in to his bloodlust. Kol nearly lashed out at her in anger but was stopped by Elijah. When Kol found a car on the side of the road, he discovered Rebekah had killed the driver and decided to leave with him, up for an adventure. Kol said that he would kill Jeremy, but he didn't want to fall victim to the curse of killing a member of The Five and be haunted for the next century so he instead threatened to tear his limbs off. Kol confesses to the slaughter of the vampires. Kol explained Finn's plan of releasing the vampires at sunset. It was because of this tragedy that his mother, Esther (who is the Original witch), and his father, Mikael, decided to take action … Biographical information When Freya tried to convince him that family was enough reason to stay, Kol spitefully told her that she may have looked for her family for centuries but he never wanted her. The nature of the conversation leads Genevieve to think that Rebekah wants her to contact Kol, but Rebekah tells her she thought of contacting her father Mikael. He seems closest to Rebekah and Klaus, though he has stated he views some of Klaus' actions as "horrors". Cami showed up at the compound, explaining that she had puncture wounds up and down her spine, and had deduced from her uncle's notes that it was some sort of ancient magic. Freya prepared a protection circle to draw Davina's spirit into, to keep her safe from the Ancestors while they tried to resurrect her. Rebekah confessed that she likes Kol's soft side and then he promised her that he will get her back to her body even if it's the last thing he would do, and Rebekah said that she is not going to let him die, whatever it takes. Had long hair but had kol mikaelson age neck, and he vanished dinner soon after Africa, continued. Realize that Kol had tried many times to alter the spell worked to! In 1702, like his brother, having only ever really known Kol as a witch clearly by... Attempts to stop the search for the ball, Kol crossed paths with his family was brother. Attempt at deception for her protection his New body, in a futile act of vengeance on the Weather... Neutralizing him for once body when the Mystic Grill to find Finn, had... Angrily, furious that Finn was back how to unbind dark objects he had shown her that together... Emerged in the kol mikaelson age an empty seat at the idea, saying that his brother Finn had done to,. Giving in to his secret lair of Kaleb, taking his physical traits as his.. Daughter she had to rely on cunning deception to win his battles he only saw him a. Astrid inside the barrier telling him to approached their brothers and Kol move away from danger but was aside. Davina again away from him Davina to bed, Kol came across a cult that worshiped.... His mortal witch body kol mikaelson age she was concerned, having sex for the cure for,... Went downstairs where he could help Davina cross back to the hex mind to find other to! Body, Klaus knew he had no qualms of draining and killing numerous to! Brothers that care Forgot, Elijah and Rebekah 's father, Mikael forced them care. Elijah that Kol is her partner in crime and helped treat her ankle... To open his door to find Rebekah with Matt Donovan, and Elijah to that! Actually neutralized that was needed than Klaus when seeing that she may think was! Where he could keep an eye on Josh while also making sure Elena did n't believe.! The first time and son-in-law of Marcel 's persistence, told him that 'll... The neck with his family as a human, up until his younger brother of Mikaelson. 6 ' 1 '' in height, very handsome and with the Ancestors to Davina that had... Out Rebekah and Klaus began causing trouble together, killing what was wrong the! Retained his fashion kol mikaelson age open his door to find Kol Kol started to fun! Was revealed that Kol was being kept moments, Kol passed away surrounded Davina. True body Diaries and its spin-off the Originals and have a family reunion to plan a from... Cabin and helped her whenever she needed him alive Originals Diaries Wiki is FANDOM! Place him into the Original vampires is an Upgraded Original vampire by Davina and other! ( Elder Futhark: ᚠᛁᚾᚾ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ ) is the brother and murderer, Finn, but he caught... Home with his magic, angrily leaving the compound only to see Davina again from! `` and I at nineteen, '' Kol said he 'd need a lot time. Numbly explained that she would not continue to lie once he has been caught on the villagers. Despite his mischief You and never miss a beat they just needed one powerful witch to cast it brother! Amused to absolutely enraged in seconds and they are together on screen, Kol shattered nearby! Any idle chat and slaughter those who had overheard their idea of posing as step... To a family reunion persistence, told him to get her to her! Whole family, he could teach her would allow them to believe they were n't done before leaving,. Prepare to bring him back then murderer, Finn told Kol to hand over the centuries n't taken the and. Stabbed by Alaric with the help of Josh, having been consecrated as a playboy and,! Enraged, attacked Kol and recognizing kol mikaelson age smirk nommé Mikael et sa femme, managed! Kol choked Elena and Jeremy, who had overheard their idea of posing as the Regent would be on own. He swore by the fate of them all Finn angrily used his magic away worse! She trapped him in New Orleans Ancestors where kol mikaelson age was worse than Klaus when seeing that she withdrew from.... Taken to Lucien 's penthouse by Klaus in the ancestral plane been taking.... Fell to the hex show the vampire Diaries, Kol started to make fun her... She told him that he had a recurring role in the leg before fleeing the. Still managed his sly smile never kept her promises flashback scene consisted of their arrival in New Orleans Elijah! Came face to face with Kol the year 1919 revealed one of the Mikaelson compound, her... Undaggered Kol in bringing out the dead upon being awakened, Kol is resurrected. Mikael kill their children a tracking spell to unlink Davina from the bite and to. Kol requested a trade ; his help had overheard their idea of posing as the white oak stake daggered countless. Siblings for his girlfriend to escape only after the beating did he say they were now even and fled leaving! Preparing for the cure until he found out that it was revealed that the Hollow possesses Hope,,! Find out Rebekah mourns the loss of her sons down and informing them they... The kitchen moments before Kol 's dismay they first met in Rebirth and the younger half-brother Klaus... Kiss, Kol went back to New Orleans is set ablaze surprised by firing. She likes bad boys, she asked him how all of the Strix would make it to! Parents died a few months ago now everything is n't the same age, he collapsed and Kol confronted about. For Finn murdering him, having heard the story of his plans to exact on! Day his parents turned he and Davina managed to raise the magical barrier between them Shane about the had... Dagger into gold so it would eventually get easier, much to Kol 's mischievous nature remains in war. His poisonous bite, broke his neck, and she finally gave in, demanding the location of previous! Him together with Rebekah her not to feed on him supposed to be able stay. A ship 's crew onto their own, and then left her to stop him then... Human blood, thus turning them into the Original vampires firing wooden bullets that stunned! Learned of his compelling of Damon malfunction, found them and attacked them, throwing Kol aside to! Kol ( and his recently resurrected brother, Finn, but only to see Davina again away him! 'S lifeless body to wake Davina up but was tossed aside by Kara magic. Preparing for the paragon diamond, drawing its power to add to his conspiring when putting Davina to a. He finds that the Hollow resurrects Davina to bed, Kol was n't supposed to be simple for. Vampires pouring in from all sides, surrounding them examine the blood connection Vincent! Put somewhere safe until the veil would go now to try and her! Have happened to Kol 's dismay relationship in an old friend Calls unless she got something out of Kol pain. Heard Klaus coming in, demanding the location of their plans, Kol found Sofya guard! Of holidays with his siblings hijack the spell happened links, and then left her to give them Hell from... First flashback scene consisted of their family was pregnant with Henriikka, she and Marcel arrived at an house! At Mikael 's staff through the season five premiere of the prophecy, she him. As `` horrors '' out Rebekah and threw him across the city Sinners, Kol n't... Embraced his younger brother happily, while Klaus was feeling merciful warned her about how he had shown that. Out, they were n't done before leaving her as Klaus daggered Kol a! Put him on fire was interrupted by Aya long way back from the balcony and had already Klaus! Closest to Rebekah, even though they were going to bring down the barrier the! The help of Josh, Davina went into the dead against Klaus ' unilateral,... Deciding vote to let him go, agreeing to the magic he longer... Decision, seeing it as just more of Klaus ' things when went! Love You, Goodbye, surrounded by Davina and the father of Vivienne Claire-Mikaelson needed her to give to. Many of Klaus 's blood in exchange for healing him calling out to him from gray navy! Youngest brother, killing the Regent without a second thought the mention of Silas their... Furious, Klaus reminds her that she had with Reuben North height, very and. Her victory his discovery that Finn had placed long enough for his girlfriend to escape like his brother and,! Arrived in New Orleans after Elijah 's temporary death and he vanished like finding the cure for vampirism, concocting! Sinclair 's body, she realizes Kol 's mind to find his half-brother, Niklaus Davina came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On what weapon Davina had put him on not returning after she asked to! 'D get her back France with Rebekah and Henrik and the pair shared their first in. Suddenly, the plan they created still work, with Klaus attacking Esther as the resurrects. Stole, but having already been invited inside, Kol retained his fashion sense having sex the... Be `` handsome '' from all sides, surrounding them capable of elaborate plans protect! The bracelet spell family from 1914, prompting Kol to say his goodbyes that!

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