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How does your table handle patrons? In total, there are six types of patrons. No class in D&D 5e "double dips" into their own class. If you want to be a healer or a utility spellcaster, probably go to a different class entirely. Because once the fighting starts, you can bet the patron cuts all power off. Green: Good options. But if your party doesn’t have a dedicated healer and you still want to sling some damage spells, The Celestial might work for you. What’s to stop your patron from turning off the flow? Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It exists only to consume, digesting and transforming living matter into more of itself. There are a variety of patrons in existence some of … While the rules do paint in the general brush strokes of what patrons are and how they provide warlocks with power, they leave a lot of gaps for you to fill in yourself. A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement has added new patrons, invocations, and other abilities to help give your warlock more flavor. A Warlock makes a deal (or pact because it sounds cooler) with some entity. Whereas a devil might want something more practical like a quota of kills every month so they can take those souls and damn them for eternity. The patron you choose and why you were willing to make that pact will feed into your character right away. […], Want a unique take on the healer role? In addition to the proficiencies mentioned above, you can use your charisma modifier for weapon attack and damage rolls instead of strength or dexterity. Check out our other SRD sites! But, any fiend qualifies. Like killing their patron, the same goes for if a Warlock disobeys their patron too many times or outright breaks their pact. Here is a playtest option for that feature: the Undead. Your Essential Guide to 5e Barbarian Subclasses, They’re otherworldly (mostly) beings who grant power to mortals, Warlocks form a pact that outlines what they’ll do in exchange for this power, There are a variety of different patrons to choose from, You choose your Warlock patron at 1st level, Yes, you can kill your patron (given DM permission), Yes, you can break your pact with your patron (see above). Death holds no sway over your patron, who has unlocked the secrets of everlasting life, although such a prize – like all power – comes at a price. And that’s about it on 5e Warlock Patrons for D&D. Also, it’s…probably going to be hard. Great, use granny’s ephemeral existence to power your pursuits. A Hexblade Warlock is primarily a melee character. The Celestial offers a sort of hybrid cleric/warlock option thanks to the addition of a number of cleric spells. Which Warlock patron should you pick? While I think the two at the top stick out like a sore thumb, your mileage may vary on the rest of the list. Now, I should say you’re choosing the type of patron for your character. The other features are strong as well. Dark One’s Own Luck. It’s not all bad, especially Contagion, but many of these spells could be replaced with much better options. What do you think? Warlock Spells by Name . While that seems to be the theme, it doesn’t exactly deliver. You can launch a creature through a one-turn trip through hell, giving them 10d10 damage along the way. What’s not to love about a melee-centered character that uses strength as an attribute sink? The Great Old One isn’t a bad patron, but it may leave you wanting for more. The two are intrinsically tied together in 5e DnD. (DnD 5E) Sign a deal with a patron, and by your blood you swear to do their bidding by using the powers that they gift you. That does not mean that all six options cannot be fun. The Hexblade is the other patron that really stands out in the class. It boils down to the same issue discussed above. Might be kind of fun. The six patrons released to date are not created equally. Starting at 1st level, your patron bestows upon you the ability to project the beguiling and fearsome presence of the fey. So, you’re thinking of playing a Warlock, are ya? As an action, you can cause each creature in a 10-foot cube originating from you to make a Wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC. Warlocks that follow Undying patrons gain the "Spare the Dying" cantrip, and at 6thlevel can regain hit points whenever they use it to stabilize another creature (or succeed on a death saving throw). Have an axe your grandmother’s soul accidentally bound to? Unlike other Warlock Pacts, the Pact of the Chain allows Patrons to bestow a familiar to the Warlock. When you’re making a Warlock, you’ll choose your patron at 1st level. The highlight of this subclass starts with Hex Warrior. 1. This could start a fun side quest of redemption where your character seeks a different method. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. Your character found or was given a sweet weapon with sweet powers. Fey Presence. In other words, we do not touch on homebrew or Unearthed Arcana content. Here’s the deal: your character draws power from this being, right? 2. The Undying patron is a powerful undead being; liches and powerful gods of the undead fit the bill. This extra d10 to your ability checks or saving throws can be used at any time before the DM announces the outcome of the roll, and returns after a short or long rest. In my view, A Fiend Warlock with the Pact of the Time boon is the best avenue for a spellcaster in this class. Here are new playtest options for that feature: the Hexblade and the Raven Queen. Check out our Broken 5E Builds Guide for ideas. DND 5th Edition Warlock: The Great Old One Your patron is a mysterious entity whose nature is utterly foreign to the fabric of reality. Taking the Fiend as a patron addresses one of the bigger weaknesses in the Warlock spell list: AOE damage. If you want to be a healer, something other than a warlock is probably your best bet. In my view, A Fiend Warlock with the Pact of the Time boon is the best avenue for a spellcaster in this class. Patrons and Warlocks, Warlocks and Patrons. I hope this clears up what Warlock patrons are and a few other questions around them. School of Transmutation Wizard 5E Guide | Rules, Tips, Builds, and More, Eldritch Adept Feat 5E Guide | Pros, Cons, and Builds, Order of Scribes 5E Guide | Wizard Subclass from Tasha’s Cauldron, Twilight Cleric 5E Guide | Rules, Tips, Builds, and More. Learn more about it with our Horizon Walker 5E Guide. A warlock might lead a cult dedicated to a demon prince, an archdevil, or an utterly alien entity—beings not typically served by clerics. It has the secrets of … You are an inferior damage dealer to a Fiend Warlock, and centering an entire subclass around charming or frightening hostiles isn’t ideal. This guide was crafted after researching the official warlock patron options as well as other homebrew. This is a fantastic subclass, and a case could be made that it is the best. You also gain the ability to communicate telepathically with almost anyone within 30 feet of you at level one, which is exceptionally valuable. So, you wonder "what flavors of 5e Warlock patron are there?". Beings so old and incomprehensible they exist far beyond even the Outer Planes. So unconcerned are these beings with the rest of creation, they view mortals as less than ants. The end result may fit thematically, but much of the spells and features of this subclass are very situational. Your Warlock can’t have two patrons. D&D Beyond …Unless you’re planning to usurp your patron. Learn all about this different Domain with our Grave Cleric 5E Guide. But, at a cost. Let’s start with the spell list. The spells aren’t bad either, with the excellent Dominate Person available at Level 5. The Best Airbrush for Miniatures | Top Picks + Buyers Guide, The Best Glue for Miniatures | Buyers Guide + Best Picks. Anyway, when you choose to play a Warlock, you’ll choose a patron. […]. But, usually with…extra steps. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. An archfey might ask you to sing The Old Dun Cow every 17th morning at dawn because why not? It is possible to optimize any of these options to a degree, and the basic traits of a warlock are strong across the board. For starters, every feature of this subclass save one is centered around charming other or avoiding being charmed. Or, better yet, let your Dungeon Master come up with something. Your character made a pact with a powerful being from the Feywild. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pact Magic. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To me, the highlight is Hurl Through Hell at Level 14. […], Feeling like you need some real firepower for your next campaign? Cantrips. And, one of the few outright "good" guys you choose for your Warlock patron. If you want to sling damage spells, go Fiend. Remember: this differs from table to table. Liches and other immortals that aren’t celestials or fiends are your role models. No studying or pre-existing bloodlines required (mostly). Indestructible Life is also underpowered. When you curse a character you also get bonus damage and can siphon off their hitpoints when they die. Warlock yo. These entities from the Feywild are possible patrons for warlocks, granting them many powers and expanded spell options. Look at it this way, each subclass is balanced around only accessing a certain set of features. The Undead . You can learn more about optimizing your character with our Warlock 5E Guide as well. Leave a comment and let me know. A Grave Cleric might be for you. BUT, I will say if you wanted some flavor of two patrons in the same subclass vying for your attention, that might be kind of fun. Which patron you choose (given it’s theme) determines what features your character gets. At 1st level, a warlock gains the Otherworldly Patron feature. Off we go on our Warlock Patrons 5E Rankings! Keep in mind we only discuss those officially-released subclasses. Both Celestial Resilience and Searing Vengeance are very strong options for high-level Celestial Warlocks, though. What is the Best Race for a Barbarian in 5e? Channeling the power of a patron that has learned to cheat death might make you think this subclass provides for a durable warlock built for survival. At level six you get Dark One’s Own Luck, which is essentially the ability to inspire yourself like a bard would.

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