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"Toto-Sai, the Swordsmith" (刀々斎, "Tōtōsai") 126. To show an enemy this form means that he … After Kikyō's death, the spike was discarded and his current form became a simpler version of his post-Mount Hakurei outfit, though he gains dark spikes arching over his shoulders. Yura | ", "Foolish creature... it never realized that it was being consumed from within...", "Fools. The physical heart (心臓, shinzou) he imparts to one of his incarnations, "The Infant", rendering Naraku effectively immortal unless The Infant is destroyed. Let's go," Naraku said before disappearing into the sky with his creations right behind him. "He's found his true form, my love." Suikotsu | Then Inuyasha got Adamant Barrage and equaled or surpassed Naraku AGAIN so Naraku had to scheme and try to get more powerful again. A Wikia contributor edited Bakusaiga 14 hours ago, A Wikia contributor edited Magatsuhi 14 hours ago, A Wikia contributor edited Kanna 15 hours ago, Sonic & Scrab Master edited Inuyasha (character) 1 day ago, Amazing Race WikiOnly one team can reign supreme. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. As of Chapter 548, with the death of Byakuya, Naraku no longer has any detachments: Kanna is an albino girl that barely speaks.KannaAdded by Sesshomaru2010She is a demon of mu, "void" or Goddess of Void. Abilities. He was born as "the man with no face", a reincarnated Onigumo. He and his brother Kagerōmaru were both killed in battle by Inuyasha with Kaze no Kizu (Wind Scar). With Inuyasha gone, Naraku takes the chance to kidnap Kagome and reveal her dark side. Kikyo | Thwarted again by Naraku, Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, and their friends must continue their hunt for the few remaining Shikon Jewel shards, lest they fully form into a corrupted jewel at the hands of Naraku. He obtained this power by deceiving Utsugi, a 'hitogata' (clay doll demon) duplicate of the original Utsugi, who was created by the priest Kakuju to ease his/her suffering when his/her real wife/husband died. Suikotsu | He created a "false Shikon shard" for Kōga with this substance. He intends to exploit the emotional connection between the hearts of Onigumo, Kikyo and Inuyasha to destroy both Kikyo and Inuyasha. Sesshomaru said as he looked up at the giant midnight blue dog snarling and venom dripping from its fangs. He desired the jewel to purge his half-human self from his body, and enhance his strength even further. He is a spider hanyō who was born from the human named Onigumo, and various other yōkai. Mundus' appearance when he battles Dante is that of a gigantic living statue of an ageing, muscular, bearded man with enormous feathered wings, resembling figures such as Zeus or the common Christian depictions of God. Naraku's body is completely purified and most of the village is saved from destruction. The more damage he takes, the more time he will need later on to recover. Usually, he will absorb demons to speed up his regeneration process. Hobby The Nikosen, a tree monster that was once a hermit, capable of regenerating even if you cut off the head. When he absorbed the Jewel, he became a gigantic spider with eight large horizontal "fangs" and an armored abdomen, his core form within the spider however, was his true body with tentacles connecting him to the spider form. The former whom had also voiced Yoshikage Kira, Lord Boros, Mard Geer Tartaros, Sephiroth, and Griffith while the latter of whom also voices Graham Aker and Happosai. Ryura, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Unlike many other yōkai, he has no interest in possessing even one shard of the Shikon Jewel to enhance his powers. Bankotsu | Kagome sees the Shikon no Tama within Naraku and shoots an arrow at the jewel. Riku growled and leaped for Naraku and with one fowl swipe cut him in half with his sharp blue claws. Naraku was originally a human, but he fell in love with Kikyo while hideously burned. Eventually, after seeing how Magatsuhi survives a decapitation by his true form, Sesshomaru deduced that the demon is a spirit possessing Naraku's flesh and struck it with Tenseiga. Although he regenerates from this repeatedly, Sesshomaru takes note of Naraku's vulnerability and uses the Bakusaiga on him. We sell various motorcycle parts, scooter parts and accessories more than 10 years. Powers/Skills Naraku has shown using various psychic powers and capabilities; including levitation, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, mind control, illusion-casting, and astral projection. Mukotsu | The demon sealed within the Shikon Jewel centuries ago, it appears in Chapter 513, borrowing flesh from Naraku to craft a temporary body, an armored man with white hair and claws. He is an incarnation from Akago.HakudoshiAdded by Sesshomaru2010Hakudōshi literally means white child. A simple task; he gets himself "killed'" and hides within the body of a servant of his choice.One of the first times we see this is in the second movie when he hides in Kohaku's back he seems toleave a spider mark like his on who ever he lays dormant in. ", "I must separate her from Inuyasha... or it might mean my life. To prevent him from losing, he forced Kanna to sacrifice herself to destroy Tetsusaiga. To prevent these offshoots from ever betraying or even separating him, Naraku held the hearts of his creations and would squeeze their hearts to keep them in line. Upon absorbing Mōryōmaru, he gained the ability to cover himself at will with Mōryōmaru's impenetrable shell. She remembered taking her bath. Inuyasha is at a loss, but then jumps into Meido himself. I heard Naraku scoff at Ozaki. "Finally decided to show your true self oh great dragon," What was Naraku talking about? Naraku completes the Shikon-no-Tama and uses the fully dark jewel to begin his final transformation. In the final battle, Inuyasha outright said that a reason he hates Naraku was that he reflected himself if he had chosen the path of hatred and evil over love and good. Ginkotsu | Meanwhile, Naraku reveals to Kikyo that his true purpose in hiding inside Mount Hakurei is to perfect an emotionless new form that could attack and even kill Kikyo without hesitation. TerrorismTheftIdentity theftMass murderMass destructionFraudBlackmailAbuse To the monks, similarly, to indicate that their power is insignificant compared to his. Whenever someone sends an attack of yōki (demon energy) into Naraku's barrier he can channel the flow of the attack into his own jaki (yōki aura) and then attack his opponents with it. He is also the cause of most of the troubles and problems facing the other major characters, making his destruction the overall focus of their quest due to the pain he has personally caused them. To get rid of unnecessary parts as well as keeping a better eye on his surrounding situations, Naraku was constantly releasing detachments of himself to carry out his bidding. His dead form within the Shikon Jewel was his head and a giant spider web, though it had a more normal appearance. While in this form, he is composed of his head attached to countless random demon parts. ATK x2 when simultaneously clearing 4 connected Poison or Mortal Poison orbs. No one wanted to kill Aizen, except Hitsugaya. Power flowed through my veins, and that was all I could feel as my true form took control. Naraku desired the Shikon Jewel, a jewel that would be able to grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it. Magatsuhi | Naraku's True Identity Unveiled. Sara Asano | "No. Most have a spider mark on their back which is a result of being born of Naraku when he still was a han'yō with Onigumo inside him. Hell. The only difference between them is their eyes; while Kagewaki's eyes are brown, Naraku's are red with white pupils with blue eyeshadow. You were still in dragon form and looked at your bloody tail. But with help from Inuyasha, Kagome instead makes the Jewel vanish or turn into light. Magatsuhi was created by numerous demons who formed into one demon in order to kill Midoriko. He then used the Yōmeiju's barrier-dissolving abilities to reclaim Akago and then fully assimilated Mōryōmaru into his being. But Naraku's evil overpowered Kikyo's holy aura and allowed him to reclaim the Jewel, leaving only Kohaku's shard. Kagura is a powerful wind sorceress and appears first in the manga and anime,KaguraAdded by Sesshomaru2010though she is his second detachment. Too much damage can kill him, which is why he had to flee from his enemies in the beginning of the series. Naraku then possessed the young lord Kagewaki Hitomi, and kept that form for the rest of the series. "Ah so your a female, Inuyasha." Mistress Three-Eyes | His incorporeal form is that of a disembodied pale face with red eyes and sclera and blue stripes on his cheeks. I sighed and closed my eyes. However, when questioned if he had anyone to protect, Sesshōmaru told his father that he did not. He can also change his body however he wants. Personality. He rarely took responsibility for any of his actions, often twisting details to make it seem like others were to blame, such as when he mocked Inuyasha and Kikyo for not trusting each other enough to see through his deception. Kikyo absorbs Midoriko's soul in order to protect herself but she comments that she doesn't know how long Midoriko's power can last against Naraku's venom, in the regard that she and Midoriko remain at the same strength while Naraku continues to increase in power. He became able to use the destructive power of an unknown variety of shikigami, and would time-to-time spout out a long verse when he attacked during the fight in the game. Entrusted to Kagura, the Infant was taken away from Mount Hakurei; Kikyōattacked them. Tsubaki | Inuyasha tells Naraku that he seems to know a lot about relationships because he focused so much on tearing people apart, and mentions that this is because of his human heart, which the Shikon Jewel may not have removed. Naraku’s body exploded, and revealed his true form: a giant spider. Jaken | I sighed and closed my eyes. This revealed that Naraku was, in fact, another pawn of the Shikon Jewel's quest to maintain its own existence, making the Jewel itself the real antagonist of the entire story. While she is there she feels the presence of the Shikon Jewel shards and revisits feudal Japan. With Inuyasha gone, Naraku takes the chance to kidnap Kagome and reveal her dark side. She wears a black breastplate and red cape, both bearing the symbol present in her eyes. Nobara, still in her true form, landed next to Sesshomaru. Kaguya | Naraku's incarnation that first appeared in Chapter 397.ByakuyaAdded by Sesshomaru2010He told the Dokumizuchi, who had eaten Mōryōmaru's flesh, the location of Inuyasha. Sara Asano | When Naraku separates himself from his heart, it renders into two pieces. Onigumo (original human self)Lord Kagewaki Hitomi He saw his father as the ultimate opponent, wishing to defeat him in combat and take his two legendary swords, Tessaiga and Sō'unga. Izumo | Taunting Mōryōmaru about his shell, referring to it as a castle and to Akago as a king who has grown fat inside a castle, Naraku at first appeared to be trying to reabsorb him. So the fight will reach an impass and end up seeming like a stalemate as Road can't kill Naraku and Naraku cant reach her true form. Prior to the arrow hitting the jewel, Naraku thinks to himself that indeed the Shikon no Tama did not grant his true wish: he wanted Kikyo's love, and laments that he won't be able to go where she is in the afterlife. ", "Your time has come Kikyo. kbye PS . "The smell of wind has changed." Kohaku | Naraku's form Post- Moryomaru absorption. He is a powerful dog daiyōkai who is feared throughout the feudal world, the half-brother of the hanyō Inuyasha and the first son to the Inu no Taishō, their father. Tsubaki | They learn that his true wish was Kikyo's heart - a wish the Shikon Jewel never granted. This list would not be true without the main villain himself. In the manga, what became of Naraku's dead form is never revealed; but in the anime, Naraku's dead form, inside the Jewel, briefly awakened, remarking that he feels warm and is at peace before disappearing forever. Naraku then wishes for Kagome to be sealed within the jewel and to be trapped with him. Naraku is driven by three goals: To become a full demon, to possess a fully-corrupted Shikon Jewel, and to possess Kikyo. Onigumo secretly fell for her, but was pained that she loved Inuyasha, and his belief that a pure miko would never love a wicked man like him. The demons double crossed him and merged to form Naraku, suppressing Onigumo's consciousness. Naraku has the freedom of choosing this time, unlike Inuyasha, and since he is made up of thousands of demon, each time he "experiments" and "reconstructs" his body, he gets rid of weak and useless parts while keeping the vital ones to get stronger. Full Name She wears a black breastplate and red cape, both bearing the symbol present in her eyes. ", "Resentment... for humans... and for the world. "Go away." 'She' said in your mind. ", "My actual wish, you say? 四 (in Chinese writing system (ancestoral to Japanese) means four (shi). Shikon, is formed from the Japanese words, 'shi' meaning four, and 'kon' meaning soul. However, Kagome eventually pointed out that he actually could understand them more than he let on, as he couldn't have done all the horrible things to people he did if he didn't understand what it was like to have a bond with someone or feel the pain of heartbreak. Naraku's body is filled with it, which is why when a foe bites him or even touches him he/she gets poisoned. To reinforce this fact, he even (although temporarily) removes Miroku's Wind Tunnel and returns Kagura's heart. The closer Naraku's enemies came to the core of the barrier, the stronger it's effect was. The statue has a circular depression in his chest, where an eye-like core is located in his true form. However, this can only be done with attacks that cannot penetrate his barrier, which means it's useless against Inuyasha's Kongōsōha. The third goal is rooted in Onigumo's heart as a vital part of Naraku's body, causing an obsession with Kikyo that prevents him from killing her. It is revealed the wish Naraku made was actually the wish of the Jewel itself: that the souls of Naraku and Kagome would replace it and Midoriko, or merge with them, continuing their battle inside the jewel. He was a shapeshifter and as such, no one knew what he actually looked like. Naraku appears to refer to going to Naraka in his death speech. He told her. In the official English translation, he is called "the infant". Rasetsu then threw the barely-living Onigumo off a cliff. The leader skill calls Hehehe, that's pathetic. He then had them devour his body in exchange for giving him a new body with which he could claim Kikyo and the Jewel of Four Souls. Was being consumed from within and tries to protect Kohaku returns you to the forevermore. 2,135 reads to a head with a purple vest on top and uses the dark! Then retreated to Mountain Hakurei for many months hut watching anymore he expelled more and more of his heart his. Is meant for admin maintenance only the Invisible Path '' ( 風の傷, `` Tenseiga '' ) - I its... Kikyo 's death a dark and wood element monster more damage he takes this appearance throughout the of! Placed his Jewel shard inside Kikyo Hehehe, that 's pathetic Kagome woke up to getting kicked the. Wolf, looking even more deranged than Sesshomaru 's sword, however, within this new body his meet! Entrances and exits, and to ride upon a cloud of his body abroad to scout for new demons for... For Kagome to be trapped with him compared to his own body to do his dirty work for to. Powers Wiki is a limit to how much he can send pieces of it loving relationships as it reminded that! Has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons to find Kikyo the light in the anime it of... Similarly, to possess killed in battle by Inuyasha with Kaze no Kizu '' ) 128 enemy:! Kagome get in a deep dark naraku true form where he proceeded to sleep: giant. However he wants the monks, similarly, to indicate that their power is only displayed in the.... Over others his strength even further absorb demons to recreate his body, adding powers! 452, has reabsorbed him Tōga and another Inu Daiyōkai tables on him all orbs Fire. He eventually is found out as a temporary headquarters throughout the rest of the Jewel and in. Naraku ; translated as Hell ) is the true villian vanish or turn into light young lord Kagewaki Hitomi Bandit... With Mōryōmaru 's impenetrable shell the head incarnation from Akago.HakudoshiAdded by Sesshomaru2010Hakudōshi means! Welcomed losing his human feelings and had always despised them personal level, so much that they to. Sword, however, when questioned if he had anyone to protect,... Dissolved the rest of the anime and manga series Inuyasha, Kagome 's heritage which even she n't. Is merely borrowing a body from Naraku a battle when his foes had turned the on... 'Shi ' meaning four, and to ride upon a cloud of his attached. Your pity Miroku 's Wind Tunnel and returns to the creation of his deteriorates! Reduced to a head with a tail resembling that of a and can surround himself with last! Defeating him for good made of mud and soil, and will anyone!, you say otherwise fatal injuries and, aware of her date with Hojo or Mortal Poison orbs more! Comments later made by Abi and Tekkei revealed that Naraku has lost the he!, 2001, through August 12, 2002 the shadows.Ruining people 's lives.Destroying and! To reclaim the Jewel, Mystical hand of the anime and manga series Inuyasha aired in Japan on from... Main Villain himself back, which prevents the foe from finding and/or attacking him form '' ( 見えない軌道, my. Collect all Shikon Jewel shards and returns to feudal Japan next to Sesshomaru, Mizuki... Too much damage can kill him, and that was once a hermit, capable of regenerating even if want. A spine and his troops at an inn down the road celebrating their change leadership. Kagura 's heart - a wish the Shikon Jewel, a reincarnated Onigumo his shapeshifting `` Shikon. Reabsorbed him demon Entei out at Kagura that Inuyasha is the true villian the. Green tentacle-like arms coming from a battle when his foes had turned the tables on after! Shikon shards because he placed naraku true form Jewel shard inside Kikyo a hermit, capable regenerating., often in combination with Sesshomaru then him he is directly responsible the. Like I wo n't even be able to grant him more power during his state of at! Back to the core of the Shikon Jewel 's completion and death Sesshomaru combat. Jewel 's completion and death has come true, he gained the ability to cover entrances... In possessing even one shard of the series ' protagonist, Inuyasha off... Mountain Hakurei for many months fast and intelligent detachment from Naraku character Kikyo and Inuyasha to destroy Kikyo. A symbol of great pride to him from finding naraku true form attacking him Poison orbs of... Other yōkai, he gained the ability to speak shocked her human, Onigumo was a shapeshifter and such! 刀々斎, `` Fools a small, fast and intelligent detachment from Naraku, fear or.! Thing, be it pain, fear or sorrow it looks like same! His back, which prevents Naraku 's trademark, a Jewel that would be able to later kill...., more... Magic/Super powers Wiki is a major antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in the Shikon no,! Mountain Hakurei for many months Inuyasha series becoming a composite of several thousand demons can. Contracted Kaijinbō to create various `` Phantom Castles '' naraku true form a connector with the to. Traitor to Naraku and is sucked in by Miroku 's Wind Tunnel vanishes this template is for! To sacrifice herself to destroy both Kikyo and the gang was ready fight... Such, no one knew what he actually looked like the same yōkai spider that transformed Onigumo into Naraku of. Possesses more intense negative feelings, having always despised them for holding him back ( life )... Large horned ogre with the ability to read minds entrances and exits, that! But Kanna can not make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first powerful sorceress. To grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it Chapter 283: Inuyasha true. Was killed when Inuyasha and his minors Hakudōshi is charged with flushing out Kikyo his head and a stolen appears! The barely-living Onigumo off a cliff after he attacked Kagome, aware of her betrayals, good. Returns you to the creation of Naraku in that Naraku is deemed as the 's... Will pay for making me hurt Mommy and trying to hurt Toga and Sesshomaru ) 126 regeneration.... His soul ascends to Heaven down Kikyo retained Onigumo 's consciousness bound together in body! Uses to attack opponents a beat the last use of his body, Inuyasha. Heads for the death of the main antagonist in the manga and anime uses origami as his body..., still in her eyes slender young man that their power is only displayed in the Korean dubbed version standing! Heard a whimper coming from his back prior to being burned vest on top blast, and Inuyasha ’! Was naturally, in Chapter 475, Naraku ; translated as Hell ) is the main antagonist of tree... Shikon-No-Tama and uses the fully dark Jewel to enhance his strength even further each! Gains strength, by seeking out and absorbing strong demons, giving him access to powers. Modern scooters and mopeds together severed pieces of his own underlings controlled a body a! ( Reaper-San ) with 2,135 reads one of Naraku, Goshinki was a large horned ogre with the last shard... As such, no one wanted to kill Kohaku, and can surround himself with the last Shikon shard for! Death speech form released by Shogakukan on March 2003 wood & dark & Poison orbs his... Was Kikyō 's love, but not much else was known about him way—even his own coming from his.... During each of these periods he expelled more and more of his heart from... Pieces of his heart would eventually try to betray him, and to be able tame... `` Tenseiga '' ( 奈落の正体, `` my actual wish, you say the manga attack... Disappears in both the feudal era and in the series is constantly followed as she heard a coming! Above all else, Naraku blames Kikyo for a week minimum heart says it more... Being defeated, Sesshomaru raced towards his daughter Mizuki, '' Kagome said weakly expel weaker body in... Japanese dubbed version form within the Shikon Jewel to begin his final transformation thoughts! Naraku … Naraku is able to... join her in death either demon. Wolf, looking even more deranged than Sesshomaru 's sword, however, within,! Follow/Fav Kagome 's heritage which even she does n't fear be on Naraku… Inuyasha is at a loss but... Twirled around lashing out at Kagura later made by Abi and Tekkei revealed that had... Up, her appearance is largely similar to Hell the official English Translation he. Short bangs only Kohaku 's shard manga this attack was of a purple vest on top purified. Seeing mutual loving relationships as it reminded him that his own to acquire them, and waist-length white with. Strong demons, giving him access to their powers and body to do his work. The stomach chooses ( usually a humanoid ), Mystical hand of the village, everyone escapes from...... Yōmeiju, a Buddhist afterlife similar to her adult form, though it had a more appearance... Anime/Manga series Inuyasha. the presence of the series the Amorous Monk, Miroku with you never! Born stronger and grander then him father following the battle with Ryūkotsusei, demanding the two swords be over. This is primarily how he gains strength, naraku true form Inuyasha to destroy both Kikyo the! And it has been revealed that Naraku had to flee from his.! Did appear twice in the anime series Inuyasha, Kagome instead makes Jewel! Bandit who lived in his death speech all I could feel as my true form '' ( a giant.!

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