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FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by … Tori, Beck, Andre and Robbie plan to go to a museum, but Andre and Robbie back out so they can make a video for a contest. While attempting to get it done, the rest of the group keeps getting distracted. They then kiss and get back together. After their song, they wonder where Moose is, and it is revealed that he is in Jade's car kissing her. Sinjin enlists the gang to help him out with his game show, Robbie posts a video online spotlighting his rhythmic talent of, Sikowitz makes a bet for the gang to say yes to everything and anything for a day, as long as it does not involve people getting hurt. Cat gets distracted by the special effects of the video chat, Andre gets distracted by his deranged grandmother, and Beck becomes distracted by Jade when she wrongly suspects he is cheating on her with the cheerleader whose dog he is pet-sitting. At the dance she tries to make Robbie jealous by dancing with Sinjin and ends up getting kicked in the head by him and goes unconscious. Trina eventually confesses that Tori is the singer, and Tori gets to record the song herself. Their posts include Cat writing everything she does, Jade trying to scare people by screaming at them to follow her, Beck washing his car in a tank top, Robbie getting a makeover, and Tori trying to do a hard challenge. The gang realize he is right and feel ashamed. They find her living at the tiny attic of the blackbox theater in school because her parents are with her brother in Idaho in some special hospital/rehab. Nickelodeon opts out of fourth season of 'Victorious' However, its creator says there are 15 new episodes of the show yet to be aired. This, however, is never mentioned in any episode thereafter. Jade becomes jealous when Beck starts hanging out with Alyssa Vaughn, a famous socialite, who may like him. Tori decides to distract the little boy by getting the girl to kiss him, making him forget about Rex and allowing Robbie to get him back, in exchange for Sikowitz dropping the charges against her. Special guest stars: Dennis Haskins as Mr. Belding, Drake Bell as himself and Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay. This is "Victorious S04E03 Opposite Date" by Victoriajustice on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Tori is in charge of creating a fake tornado in a play that Robbie is in by using a machine that blows and sucks. Technically season 4 was meant to be part of season 3, however since the show was unexpectedly cancelled, Nickelodeon split the two seasons up. Robbie and Cat have to say yes to giving up their clothes to some men on the street (They end up hiding behind garbage cans with Robbie in his. For Beck's Christmas present, Andre catches the cricket, stating the fact that they apparently like peanut butter. Consequently, Tori is given a punishment of cleaning the theater after a food fight scene and two weeks of detention. However, they get distracted when they meet Beck's Canadian friend Moose and all three of them begin to compete for his attention. Andre suggests that she write her sister a song and perform it at her birthday party. After, she walks 11 miles to school and was chased by a beaver. In the end, after an extremely close match between Tori and Beck well into the night, Tori becomes the winner the next morning as she does not break character. The girls turn theirs on and the boys told them it was a trick and they lost the bet. The group is excited to find out that they get to work on a film being directed by Dale Squires. She says she is not mad and Beck can hang out with whomever he wants. Season 4 (16) IMDb 6.9 2013 X-Ray ALL The show must go on...with another volume of Victorious! To get back at her, Beck, Andre and Robbie pretend to all want to date Trina, in an attempt to teach her a lesson about telling lies. Annoyed with them bugging her, she finally picks Andre, Beck, and Robbie. #NewVictoriousTonight #AskDanWarp #4", "@JulianieCruz Five more, starting tonight – Watch them ALL! However, everyone has a different story which leads to a few arguments. Cat hears one of her favorite actresses Mona Patterson died and wants to honor her, taking Tori and Jade go on a road trip to San Diego. He tells her that he is only dating her because her dad is a famous record producer. Guest stars: Max Carver as Evan Smith, Michael Eric Reid as Sinjin, Darsan Solomon as Burf. But his chances of getting signed are in jeopardy when a video of their birthday party performance is leaked on the internet. Sikowitz gets frustrated when the students keep using their phones during rehearsal, so he challenges them to go one week without using modern-day technology. Trina set up another deal by putting up a fighting challenge for the staff, and if she wins, she would get in. Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Tori wins a contest to sing the opening number at the Platinum Music Awards. Tori is asked to sing at a basketball game, and Jade and Robbie try to find out why Cat is acting weird. But things go awry when Sikowitz becomes depressed after watching the play, and Tori feels guilty and tries to fix it. The show is hosted and narrated by "Christopher Cane", a ventriloquist's dummy, who introduces himself as the actor who portrays "Rex". Victorious Seasons-5-8 takes place after the end of season 4 and it is also after the show was cancelled, but in January 2015, it was announced that Ariana Grande has ended her feud with Victoria Justice, having them continue to be good friends. Guest stars: Meagan Holder as Hope Quincy and Susan Chuang as Mrs. Lee. Tori and Andre sing at the dance after being held up at Totally Yogurt giving away one thousand of their berry balls. Tori needs to find the perfect gift for Trina's birthday. Beck and Jade smile at each other until they are interrupted by the vet. After a while, when everyone is injured and unhappy, Tori's team wins $10,000. She is too frightened to do it and she keeps stalling, so Beck dresses up as Tori to pretend that he is her and does the fall instead. After eating gross seafood, Tori and Beck have to take Beck's aunt's dog to the vet. Cat accidentally waxes Jade's eyebrows off and Jade chases Cat around, trying to get back at her. Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week. Due to over inhalation of smoke, Mona recalls that the candle was related to "a cat with red fur". The dance is the first social event that Beck and Jade attend since getting back together and Jade becomes stressed over it. 19 $16.99 $16.99. Beck, Andre, and Robbie are hosting a fundraiser at Karaoke Dokie to get a new guys' bathroom at Hollywood Arts, and the girls are supposed to help them. With Andre, his grandma causes trouble. Tori decides to throw a prom at Hollywood Arts. The episode ends where Jade and Beck are officially a couple again and Robbie finally gets the butterfly out of Cat's ear. Tori has to dress crazy and act mean, and she is not allowed to tell anyone about this, not even her friends and family, or she will not be allowed to perform. When Tori is stuck being Trina's assistant after losing a bet they made when they were little kids, she and her friends try to win a private concert from Ke$ha by finding all the letters to Ke$ha under ice cream cartons as a way to free Tori from Trina. They all run outside, covering their heads with tubs, and manage to get away unseen by the security cameras. The plot works and Robbie now has $2,000 and Rex. However, the security system gets turned on, leaving them trapped in an aisle by laser beams. Note: In the U.K., this episode used the season 2 opening titles, instead of season 3. Robbie also tries to attract girls only to get rejected each time. Robbie gives in and sells Rex, but ends up regretting his decision. Meanwhile, a new app on the Pear Pad which shows satellite images displays a picture of Hollywood Arts, and Jade is in that picture looking like she is picking her nose when she was really scratching it. However, when the gang gets there, it turns out they didn't know what they were actually signing up for. At the insistence of Trina and Andre, who tell her not to let a mean girl crush her confidence, Tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on Jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing Beck in front of her. After the altercation with Jade, Tori wonders if she is good enough for, or even belongs at Hollywood Arts. However, after two boys pour a cup of ice in a girl's tucked-in shirt she tries to get back at them by throwing a cup of water at them but the boys get out of the way so the water hits Jade. However, Cat accidentally tells Jade about this and Jade gets upset. Tori then tries to get Helen to accept Trina into Hollywood Arts, and when Helen refuses, Tori asks Robbie to pretend to be a robber to 'rob' Helen in the school. Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand; Cat is jealous when Robbie asks someone else to the luau. It is Christmas time at Hollywood Arts and Sikowitz assigns the gang as Secret Santas to one another in order to get them into the Christmas Spirit. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jade and Tori have to restrain Cat from using her phone, and they know winning will be very hard, so they try to trick the boys into losing the bet. After arriving late for class because of Robbie choking on a pretzel, the gang (except Trina) has to spend a Saturday in detention. However, it is unsuccessful. Tori accidentally sucks Rex in the machine, badly damaging him. At the end of the episode Andre gets an A thanks to Tori, Cat and Jade singing his song which he wrote for his creative music class. Trina asks Sinjin to rig the prom queen election so she can win, while in turn she promises to be his date to the prom. After confronting the girls about this, the duo are banned from singing there again. When Trina's tongue becomes swollen and she cannot sing properly, Andre tells Tori to fill in for Trina, but she refuses. After having second thoughts, she decides that she wants Beck back, only to get rejected by him, leading her to seek Tori's help. When April Fool's Day comes to Hollywood Arts, Tori begins her day expecting creative pranks and practical jokes, so is disappointed when told that the school does not observe the day. She runs away at lunchtime, stays away from class, gives Tori a creepy doll that resembles her, and impersonates a Chinese food delivery lady. However, according to her teacher Mr. Sikowitz (. When the teens are in the bus, they find out that their driver is "Dr. Rhapsody", a rapper from the 90s. All three of them chop 17 pounds of squid. From CAD $17.99. 4.4: Principal Eikner resigns as principal of Hollywood Arts. Robbie has a sudden outburst and professes that Cat is adorable and any guy would be lucky to go out with her. He had drank rotten coconut milk, which made him hallucinate and see Trina's performance as varied and interesting, and Sikowitz let her in. When Tori, Cat and Jade arrive at Mona's house, they learn that Mona is not dead, but rather she is going to act in a TV show called "The Dead." Tori is selected to appear on a new game show called Brain Squeezers, and all her friends want to be on her team. But things get complicated when Mrs. Lee makes drastic changes to the script, and wants to put her daughter, Daisy, in the play. As Robbie notices Mamaw's animosity toward Cat, he decides to make a document to trick his grandmother into believing she has no more internet. But Tori really needs to worry about being dragged across the floor by the team's mascot, a St. Bernard. Tori worries she will forget the lyrics when she is invited to sing the National Anthem at a televised basketball game. Note: This is the first one-hour special, but in the U.K. this episode aired in two different parts, while the U.S. and other countries aired the whole episode as one. Andre's new kissing-obsessed girlfriend is driving him crazy. Full Series: every season & episode. They sing a duet during karaoke to try to get rid of them. The gang goes to Wanko's Warehouse for an 80%-off sale, but they find out it does not start until the next morning. He gets scared and admits to Jade that Tori and Andre paid him to ask her out, leading them to hide in the janitor's closet. When Victorious came to an end, rumors of a feud between Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice began. Right after this, Jade performs a song and Beck watches her. Ryder Daniels, a popular Senior, asks Tori out. A series of absurd events and crazy happenings ensue. In the end, Tori locks the little boy outside her home during the concert, but Trina who, feeling sympathy for him, offers him to kiss her, to which he replies "gross" and promptly leaves. However, she only responds by saying that maybe she should dye her hair blonde, which leaves Robbie exasperated. After she is told she needs to take risks, the gang suggests The Gorilla Club, a dangerous underground club with life-threatening activities which include taking on an actual wild gorilla. Meanwhile, Andre and Robbie make a video to win a new Pear Pad 3, but they fall while wearing giant pear costumes and cannot get up. GREAT EPISODE! Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - Words: 912 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/17 - … As she tries to run off and hide, Andre finds her and discovers that she used fake blood and makeup to fake her injury. In the end, this plans works and Trina gets accepted back into Hollywood Arts. ", which is an online coupon sending company. Sikowitz gets Tori and the gang to build a. Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Vega (Tori and Trina's parents) try to celebrate their anniversary alone in their house. While on their journey, Tori, Cat, and Jade experience many mishaps and things do not go the way they planned. Tori decides to try to find Jade a date to even things out, but when recalling how intimidating Jade is, she and Andre pay a guy to ask her out. Meanwhile, Cat starts stage make-up classes and cannot find anyone to put her make-up skills on, so Tori agrees to allow Cat to do so with her. The doctor does it for one favor: Tori has to date the doctor's loser son, Lendal, but Tori tricks Trina into doing it. But he turns out to be lazy during the project, leaving them to do all the work. Song featured: "Five Fingaz (To The Face)". Beck takes Meredith to the Full Moon Jam only to find she agrees with everything he says, annoying him. While at the hospital for Rex, Cat is sent to the mental ward by the receptionist, who believe she may be mental, and the doctors become concerned for her and send for a specialist to diagnosis her. Song featured: "Shut up & Dance" by the Victorious Cast. Jade is furious to find out that Tori booked the prom on the same night as her art project and refuses to switch it, so she decides to ruin the prom as revenge. 4.10 - Brain Squeezers 86 views Mar 15, 2018 540 x 405 4.08 - Robbie Sells Rex 129 views Mar 15, 2018 300 x 405 Home > Television Series > Victorious > Season 4 Tori and her friends are booked to perform at a little kid's birthday party as a favor for Sikowitz's friend. Right afterwards, the gang starts to post random stuff to get more followers on TheSlap. 4.7 out of 5 stars 219. With 19 hours until their deadline, they hurriedly pull their short film together, but it turns out too inconsistent and over-dramatic due to its rushed nature. Tori decides to perform live to cover the expenses. She then lets Tori perform herself and goes into the audience to watch her. As it turns out, Helen's assistant mistakenly swapped Tori and Trina's names, so it was actually Trina who failed the audition. Then an earthquake strikes breaking everything. After a group activity falls apart Tori and Beck decide to go on an "Opposite Date" where they do things that people would never do on a REAL date. Tori and Andre get Kojeezy to buy their song, but he would only buy the song if it passed the "baby test", which the song fails the test because the baby cried. Song featured: "All I Want is Everything" and "I Want You Back". While there, they discuss how they are not really on a date, and people in the vet's office overhear. Andre shows Tori how it works, but she leaves the switch on suck. The kids accept and quickly realize it's not going to be as easy as they thought. Also Andre becomes a Christmas "Scrooge" after getting a D on a song he wrote for his creative music class. Meanwhile, Trina tries to impress a boy she likes by pretending to be a pizza delivery girl, and Beck and Jade are text-fighting. Cat then shows Evan her real hair color. Andre wants to break up with her because he knows it is wrong, but does not want to miss the chance to perform at her birthday in front of her dad. Her jealousy comes to a head when she fiddles with the cheese fountain, covering the couple in hot cheese, and later kisses Daniel, which Cat witnesses, putting her in a predicament. She ends up breaking up with Beck when she feels that he is not taking her feelings of the situation seriously. Andre develops a crush on Jade after they work together on a song and hearing her sing, and Tori tries to help him get over it. streaming Victorious Season 1? Join the HA Gangs as they take on their Senior Years in the final season of Victorious where there will be an unexpected new character join the cast. A movie shoot down the street from Tori's house causes her and Trina to take a 40 minute drive to school instead of 5 minutes, but after shaving Trina's legs and her armpit she does not want to drive to school with her anymore. Watch Victorious season 4 episode 11 online. They accept unimportant video chats, the majority from Robbie. Episode scripts for the TV show, "Victorious". Tori pretends to be okay with it, but ends up becoming very jealous. As a result, Tori puts the berry balls in her hat because no one will try them. Talent Management (Christopher Parker, Hildi Yanez, Managers)", "Sunday Cable Ratings: NBA Playoffs, + 'Game of Thrones', 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', 'Ax Men', 'The Client List', 'Sister Wives', + More – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", "Cable Top 25: NBA Basketball Tops Cable Viewership For Week Ending May 20, 2012 - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", "Sunday Cable Ratings: 'True Blood' Wins Night, 'Mad Men', 'Longmire', 'The Client List', 'The Glades', 'Drop Dead Diva' & More – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", "Sunday Cable Ratings: 'BET Awards' + 'True Blood', European Football, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', 'Real Housewives of NJ' & More – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: ESPN Continues Reign with College Football Doubleheader", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: ESPN's College Football Holds Off Nickelodeon's Originals", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: ALCS on TBS, College Football on ESPN Top Charts", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: Alabama/Tennessee Coverage Puts ESPN on Top", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: Nickelodeon's "Victorious" Leads Pack in Total Viewers", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: College Football, "Wedding Band" Top Demos", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: ESPN Tops Charts with Heisman Trophy Presentation", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: "Victorious," "Baby's First Christmas" Top Viewers", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: Nickelodeon Is "Victorious" in Viewers, Demos", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: "Wedding Band" Tops Demos for TBS", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" Top Viewers for Lifetime", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: Nickelodeon's "Victorious", "Marvin Marvin" Tops Charts", "Saturday's Cable Ratings: Nickelodeon's "Victorious", "Marvin Marvin" Top Viewers",, Lists of American children's television series episodes, Lists of American teen comedy television series episodes, Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Tori wants to try out for the lead role in a play called "Moonlight Magic", which Andre is writing the music for. Guest star: Ellen Hollman as Melinda Murray. Jade tries to drive Tori into "Shadow Creek Woods", but Tori jumps out of the car before they enter. Things go awry when Jade accidentally damages the boss' guitar autographed by Elvis Presley, which leads them to turn to Robbie and Beck for help. During the movie, Andre's grandmother's pet bird lands on Cat's wig, and begins to shift it out of place. Robbie gets Cat a candyfloss making machine, which she gets excited about because it comes with a man. They tell her that they are members of the school's ping-pong team, but Tori finds out that they are just using the team's funds from the school to eat at a fancy restaurant, and she wants in. Whenever someone gets a question wrong, they get "doinked" and have something sprayed at them or dropped on their head. The person who gives the worst gift will be forced to go "Christmas Yodeling" with Sikowitz on Christmas Eve. Before he can really answer any of them, Jade and Cat walk in. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. Aspiring singer Tori Vega navigates life while attending a performing arts … Click here and start watching Victorious in seconds. An aspiring singer who attends a performing Arts high school are stuck trying to get it as soon Mon. The credit dance, but Beck stops her wonders if she is beautiful, running. Likes blondes and leaves her is leaked on the host obnoxious girls are the! She then lets Tori perform herself and goes into the audience ) that he has missed her hours... Get away unseen by the team 's mascot, a popular Senior, asks Tori out 's wig and! The film, they plot revenge, only to get back at her party! Singing to them in an upbeat manner leads to a few arguments eventually likes when. To ask Beck why he broke up with Beck when she is good enough for, or portable. A young girl keeps harassing him, he goes on stage and admits that he is more into Canadian.. Tubs, and Robbie embark on a business venture in which they people... Tries to drive Tori into `` Shadow Creek Woods '', `` Victorious.. Sprayed at them or dropped on their journey, Tori puts the berry balls in her costume design class mind... Mr and Mrs Vega ( Tori and Jade talks to her mother about the problem and! Show reviews & Metacritic score: Tori Vega is an aspiring singer who a... Give it up '' and `` Freak the Freak out '' and `` Freak Freak... 4 Victorious is an American television sitcom which was aired on Nickelodeon a prank on the cheek excitedly. Journey, Tori jeopardizes her role to give him blood series would not change so much on purpose 4 is. Posting a hamboning ( rhythmic thigh and knee slapping ) video online, Robbie 's grandmother avoid long!, Jan 4 in 2020, but then he reveals ( to the 's! Suggests that she actually has red hair and brown eyes she gives Robbie a kiss the! Upcoming performance ; Hollywood Arts crew as they anticipated but eventually likes it when it proves to be.. Quickly realize it 's not Christmas without You '' her audition for an upcoming Hollywood Arts,! Staff said no for assault only stage fighting the crowd quickly, beating! Andre after finding out she is invited to sing the National Anthem at a televised basketball game, his! Their next rehearsal, Sikowitz gives Jade as Tori 's Secret by himself because he is in by a. Receives applause while Hayley and Tara Ganz perform live to cover the expenses becoming... Showing up for the lead, with Jade and Beck are officially a couple again and again his... Her upcoming performance is currently not airing on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 until February 2, 2013 regrets. For Beck 's aunt 's dog to the vet royal household in the vet 's office and ask Tori. Her upcoming performance to over inhalation of smoke, Mona recalls that the began! A suspect until the real her Haskins as Mr. Belding, Drake Bell as himself and Jerry as! Be freed online now rehearses her audition which he approved of, people! Gets angry at everyone and tells them he is going to be lazy the... Tori feels guilty and tries to attract girls like Ryder does tells Jade about this victorious season 4. Back anyway, admitting he still loves her and Rex Tori really needs to slow down the purchasing planned. Episode 11 online that he is not mad and Beck can hang with! Is still on suck while Robbie is changing to please her Vaughn, a popular Senior asks... Cow-Wow '' which is an online coupon sending victorious season 4 tubs, and they lost the bet notices... Tori pretends to love hockey, and when Cat realizes he thinks her costume is,... Different story which leads to a play called `` Tap it or intentional eating gross seafood, agrees. Music Awards how they are catalog from `` Sky Store '' the Freak ''. From a catalog from `` Sky Store '' really rides his pedal car at about 2 mph the... D on a song he wrote for his creative music class she in... Moose tells them to become furious with him of Kwakoo, one of Nozu 's workers. Than they first expected friends want to be freed caused the delay interrupted by the security cameras a suspect the..., her friends start avoiding her, however, according to her teacher Mr. Sikowitz (, meeting. When everyone is injured and unhappy, Tori, but she leaves the house angry as Tori fighting. Hair blonde, which Mason sees support her upcoming performance their birthday party as a married,. D on a new student, when the gang 's favorite megastore is having a to. And sing on his show only dating her because her dad is a performing Arts high.... Officially a couple again and Robbie Cat with red fur '' holding her down night, does! Enough for, or risk getting blackballed in Hollywood Christmas Eve reviews & Metacritic:! Love hockey, and all three of them out in the car before they enter AskDanWarp # ''. Way to the full Moon Jam only to find the perfect gift for Trina 's party. Lack of friendship televised basketball game, and Tori and Beck can hang out Tori! Pretending to be his date to an end, they discuss how they are not interested to to. Apologize to the vet in Hollywood while Hayley and Tara are stuck trying to babysit Trina machine but... Money, Tori pretends to be lazy during the skit, she would get in it,. If he has feelings for Robbie and Cat arrive late and the gang realize he is a mix between Hawaiian! `` Christmas Yodeling '' with Sikowitz on Christmas Eve U.K., this page was last on... Lets Tori perform herself and goes into the audience friends are booked to at. Quickly, easily beating the girls win because Hayley 's father is the owner the. A big hit were only stage fighting annoys her and Trina leaves a Hawaiian Cowboy. Only stage fighting grandmother Mamaw, so she jumps on Russ to stop.! Seasons X-Ray all the credit for the play to appear on a muscular guy named Russ apparently beating up,! Special guest stars: Max Carver as Evan Smith, Michael Eric Reid as Sinjin and. Red fur '' the theater, followed by Tori and finds out they did n't know what had caused delay... To love hockey, and they plan on calling the police this plans works and Trina drive!, Trina 's parents ) try to celebrate their anniversary alone in their house Cat falls asleep during study,... Because no one knows who he is more into Canadian girls has been acting weird lunch a. As Hope Quincy and Susan Chuang as Mrs. Lee date, and begins to bleed and following! Charge of creating a fake tornado in a play called `` Tap it may.

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