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World Intellectual Property Day celebrates and brings awareness to the importance of intellectual property to motivate innovation and creativity. This event has also been criticized by the activists from civil society organizations su… World Intellectual Property Day, is a day which recognizes and salutes all those individuals across cultures and borders whose innovations and creations advance our world for the better. This day is celebrated to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in promoting creativity and innovation. The World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on 26 April every year to highlight the importance of intellectual property and its role in promoting innovation and creativity. Why the World IP Day is Celebrated. With IP your business can flourish and your community can thrive. Every business starts with an idea. On April 26th, the World Intellectual Property day will be celebrated. How can I add my event to the map? When nurtured and enriched with ingenuity, know-how and flair an idea becomes an IP asset that can drive business development, economic recovery and human progress. As per reports, World Intellectual Property Day 2020 places creativity at the centre of attempts to build a green world. On 24 April the Estonian Patent Office is going to arrange a seminar dedicated to in the National Library of Estonia at 2 Tõnismägi in Tallinn on that day. SMEs make up around 90 percent of the world’s businesses, employ around 50 percent of the global workforce and generate up to 40 percent of national income in many emerging economies, more, if you count informal businesses. The day is celebrated to “raise awareness on how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life” and “to celebrate the creativity and the contributions made by innovators and creators in the development of societies across the globe.” April 26 was chosen as the day coincides with the date on … The Day was celebrated in Bulgaria by a Round Table on the theme 'Encouraging Creativity' in the Boyana Residence, on April 26. World Intellectual Property Rights Day aims to celebrate creativity and the contribution that is made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated each year on 26 April. In 2000, WIPO's member states designated April 26 – the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World IP Day with the aim of increasing general understanding of IP. If you are new to the world of IP, World Intellectual Property Day 2021 is an opportunity to find out how the tools of the IP system – trademarks, design rights, copyright, patents, trade secrets, geographical indications, and more – can support you when taking your ideas to market. About: World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on 26 April. Dr Rao explained the importance of World Intellectual Property Day 2020, the role and function of WIPO in protecting and promoting intellectual property globally as well as its technical assistance to developing countries and LDCs, including Bangladesh in this field through its development agenda. The World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on 26 April every year which was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000. World IP Day! Following a statement made at the Assembly of the Member States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in September 1998, the Director General of the National Algerian Institute for Industrial Property (INAPI) proposed on 7 April 1999 the institutionalisation of an international day for intellectual property, with the aim of, On 9 August 1999, the Chinese delegation to the WIPO proposed the adoption of the "World Intellectual Property Day", In October 1999, the General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) approved the idea of declaring a particular day as a World Intellectual Property Day. Every year on 26th April, World Intellectual Property Day, also widely referred to as World IP Day, is celebrated for spreading awareness about the crucial role of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in encouraging innovation and creativity. Proposal by the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria", State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, "WIPO General Assembly, Twenty-Fourth (14th Ordinary) Session, Geneva, 20 to 29 September 1999, Institutionalization of a World Intellectual Property Day. Before you start celebrating, get up to speed on the meaning of The 2020 theme is Innovate for a Green Future. "[5] Zak Rogoff of the Defective by Design noted that this event is a "global but decidedly not grassroots event". To receive SDG event notices, news and analysis in your inbox, subscribe. Share post The reason behind we celebrate 26th April as World IP day is because on this day, in 1970 WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Convention came into force and in year 2000 WIPO member states designated 26th April as World IP day. World Intellectual Property Day. Today is World Intellectual Property (IP) Day! [8] Cushla Kapitzk from the Queensland University of Technology wrote that most of the WIPO's statements related to promotion of the World Intellectual Property Day are "either exaggerated or unsubstantiated"; noting that for example one of WIPO's claims used to promote this event, namely that "copyright helps bring music to our ears and art, films and literature before our eyes" is "tenuous at best, and lexical association of copyright with things recognised as having social and cultural value ('art', 'film' and 'literature') functions to legitimate its formulation and widespread application".[9]. The 2020 theme is Innovate for a Green Future. IP Mar 26. World IP Day is celebrated around the world to promote discussion of the role of... Love Is - World IP Day. World IP Day is celebrated annually on the 26th April, and this year is no exception. The reason I am here today is to mark World Intellectual Property Day, which is celebrated annually, typically on April 26. In South Africa, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in partnership with The Innovation Hub, AfricaBio and National Intellectual Property Management Office celebrated the World Intellectual Property Day on 26th and 28th April 2017. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually on 26 April. Mike Masnick of Techdirt wrote that World Intellectual Property Day is intended "to promote ever greater protectionism and mercantilism in favor of copyright holders and patent holders, while ignoring any impact on the public of those things.

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