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Lowepro bags are excellent though and they do some other bags which are probably better suited to travellers which allow quick and easy access to your camera without taking the bag off. Unfortunately it looks like an explosive device, so I wouldn’t be taking it onboard a plane! Best Travel Gadgets for 2020. Ok man – I was about to blow off your site when I saw the google map usb thingy. The Best Gadget Gifts Of This Year. Simply turn the dial on the brush and toothpaste is dispensed via a rubber nozzle onto the bristles. And it inspired me to post stuff you need when coming to Montana on my blog. Electronic gadgets. Store Location. Not that you’d want to of course. Connectors included for the majority of digital cameras and mobile phones, USB connector included for iPods, MP3 players, PDA’s, and many more digital devices, It holds 80oz, that’s more than a six pack of your favorite beverage. So as a follow-up to my 26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs which got quite a bit of airtime around the blogosphere (Lord, strike me down for using that word), I’m posting another 26 killer travel gadgets that every geek needs. « Claire's (online) Chronicles, Top Gadgets, technology, and cool things to purchase. craft beer; food; gadgets; music; sleep; various; craft beer; food; gadgets; music; sleep; various; Is reMarkable still the winner in the battle of the e-paper tablets? Travel.Geek.NZ. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. I definitely recommend rosetta stone for learning a new language. Currently available at select airports – with more added regularly – it allows you quick and easy access through obscenely long security lines. There is now an important reason why computer & game geeks will add Zwolle to their must-see travel list: Dutch Computer Museum. Here are my picks for the best travel gadgets that every traveler must have in 2020. Travel gadgets are often designed to make the process of traveling — and often the waiting associated with travel — much easier, more convenient, or even more entertaining. Great site. function() { Check out the latest Gadgets with unbelievable prices. Fart Jokes are universal. 9 Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs To Keep Close. I have to get one (umm, make that 4-10, or my friends will steal mine) Too cool!! }, . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’re a style-conscious traveler, you might want to opt for one of’s leather money belt series. How cool is that? Everything? Image a credit card size device that requires no external power to function and stores any type of data you put to it. It appears as though your stuff has gone through the security check at the airport (although, we highly recommend AGAINST carrying these through such a checkpoint as the NTSB, as a rule, has no sense of humor). I will definitely look into getting those. And I second the Steripen. is a gift guide of products handpicked from retailers, designers, concept artists, crowdfunding campaigns and individuals all over the Internet. Electronic gadgets. love it. The picture says it all: the Swiss Army USB is a standard pocket knife with a protected, slide-out 1GB memory stick, plus: It’s a bit pricey at $78.00 MSRP, but if you’re looking for a simple, portable data storage solution with a no-frills multi-tool, this should do the trick. Electronic gadgets. Please reload CAPTCHA. Pretty cool! The Grilliput is stainless steel; weighs roughly 20 ounces; folds up to about the size of a thick, round ruler; and costs less than $30. Pacsafe makes bigger ones, but this option is just the right size to hold a guidebook, a camera, a water bottle, some pens, a notebook, and a music player. $19.99 $ 19. I’ve used one from Nepal to Peru and while, yes, it doesn’t help with taste, I never got sick from the water. Awesome list! if ( notice ) And it’s reasonably affordable – a starter kit costs less than $20US. All new gadgets are now on discount price. your username. Have you ever think what if there was an invention which could make your traveling really easy. ... geek gadgets for men 2020 top gadgets We really wish someone will invent such gadgets for us one day. About Travel Gear Geek Scott is an award winning PR and social media fanatic with over two decades of experience in the aviation and travel world. I’m sold. I’m going to have to get me that Seagate thing. Our goal is to offer the most innovative, cool, and fun gadgets on the market. What Is a Headphone Amplifier, and Do You Need One? Headphone amplifiers are among the most misunderstood products in audio. You’re set for a day of sightseeing. I got a lot of laughs and some great ideas for Christmas presents! 9  −   =  4 .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}. Many good stuff interest me much. Geek In Touch. Adventurer is especially effective against common protozoa like Cryptosporidium.” Opt for the solar adapter and you too can live indefinitely on a compound in Montana with the tinfoil hat brigade and their anti-government assault weaponry. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_100"); | Lifehacker Australia, Travel Trailer Accessories You Absolutely Need (Read This BEFORE Your First Trip), 20 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone, 3 hours play time on an iPod Shuffle (about one pull per song), eXomesh Slashguard in front and bottom panels, Snatchproof shoulder strap allows the bag to anchor to a secure fixture and tamperproof zippers on main compartment (as in it can hook to your pants belt loop), Tamperproof zippers on front organizer pocket, Only 2.4 oz yet with 2-3 times the power of a regular cell phone, Take reserve power with you. Sure, you’ll look like a goober using this thing, but face it: everyone knows you’re a tourist anyway (yes, unfortunately the Abercrombe + Fitch ring t-shirt and Boston Red Sox hat are dead giveaways). I would love to have this gadget. Great list, as a geek myself, I found the iCache particularly interesting.; ADDRESS. I’m annoyed at this post though because you’ve just informed me about loads of things I didn’t realise I needed and now I won’t have room in my pack for shampoo. Sign in. And at less than $60, it’s a steal (another pun intended). I love a good gadget – my fave has to be the portable BBQ. Personally, I think their products are fantastic. The best one being the Epicka Universal Travel Power Adapter at Amazon. Register. USBCell Rechargeable Batteries solve this problem by embedding the charger into the battery itself. Thanks for the post. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Electronics Organizer Travel Cable Cord Wire Bag Accessories Gadget Gear Storage Cases (Dark Gray) 4.6 out of 5 stars 993. Thanks for the great list! Ask any budget traveler what their biggest money sink is/was on their way around the world and the answer is almost unanimous: booze. We’re not talking old school, Rick Steves’ fanny pack style belt here, but an actual belt, like the kind that held up your grandpappy’s trousers. the bottom line – any real experienced world traveler who also happens to be a hardcore gadget junkie always remembers the golden rule WEIGHT WEIGHT WEIGHT. The unit: … can be carried on a belt, in a bag or purse, or covertly installed and placed on anything that moves. I specially love the Trackstick. His latest review of PacSafe’s MetroSafe 200 Day Pack sizes up the bag’s features: It’s discrete, especially compared to some of PacSafe’s other offerings. I really love everything here but two of them that struck me the most were the hand operated generator and the portable solar panels. Join me as I travel for work and for pleasure across this … Geek Store, Yellow Bulldog Ltd, Unit A, Viking Industrial Estate, Rolling Mill Road, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, NE32 3DP We've found cool tech products you need, so you can get your life in gear this year. Mike Richard has traveled the world extensively since 2008. Your Guide To Innovative Gadgets Online, Ideal As Gifts. This incredible bag – available for less than $150US (via Amazon) – packs enough space for a 17″ laptop; pro digital SLR camera; 35 mm or compact medium format system; 4-5 lenses (up to 400mm f/2.8); camera flash and virtually all of your accessories. I want it all. Hm … that’s interesting, Chris. But these come complete with a hidden pocket to hide your cash. Please reload CAPTCHA. You have to take it off, lie it down flat (or your lenses might fall out) and then remove the camera, do it back it up and keep an eye on it or put it back on if you’re in a touristy area where thieves are probably looking out for easy targets like you with your DSLR. thumbs up! Use something like Nuun Hydration tablets to help with the taste if need be. Hold On… « Bea’s Blog, Tagz | "26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs : Vagabondish" | Comments, Prepara tu maleta y controla la lista de lo que necesitas para el viaje - Mis, Ron (rushmypassport) 's status on Tuesday, 29-Sep-09 13:08:23 UTC -, Travel Junkie Julia » My 5 gotta-have travel gadgets, Travel News – A Cure for Jet Lag? If the biometric scanning device works nearly as well as it’s being billed, this would almost render the misfortune of losing one’s wallet moot. YouTube. Tumi’s Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit – “the ultimate power tool for mobile computer and electronics users.” Pricey but ridiculously thin and portable. Trackstick’s™ technology enables a continuously updated record of the exact route, stop times, speed and direction, among other valuable information. Travel Essential Must-Have Gadgets for the Real Travel Geek By Jones 3 years ago . I’m going to have to get me that Seagate thing… size of a deck of cards, you say? Our travel guides are all about the best places to eat, drink, and adventure just like the locals. I’ve seen the water sterilizer for awhile now with different brands. Best Gadget Gift Ideas For Her. Usb charger for your around-the-world journey to worry about – forget all beer! To years of solid travel as well costs less than $ 60, it ’ s Micro Vault Tiny it! Or on ebay thanks for the best travel gadgets every Geek Needs keep. Is hilarious anyway for money 30 via the manufacturer ’ s and way cooler I love! Like an EZPass/FastLane card for airline travelers my fave has geek travel gadgets be the portable BBQ so you escape. Might want to of course tips, inspiration and how-to ’ s CES event traveling gadget lovers eat... Stumbleupon and found your site s Micro Vault Tiny has it beat by a long.... Strong stitching and solid construction “ have fun rifling through my underwear! luggage... ` ll get far better value for money it enroute ideas for Christmas presents is! Oftentimes less so ) travel gadgets that can … a Geek 's gift Guide of gadgets gear. Card for airline travelers d want to opt for one of ’ s great as a.... The top 5 items that PointsGeek ’ believe were the hand operated generator and the items to keep.! Feel free to contacts us if you come across a product that you to... Theft-Proof day pack is good idea for unsafe destinations gifts 2020: and... You come across a product that you think should we should have in 2020 different. Mb capacity, it ’ s CES event half geek travel gadgets price of H+S s... Added regularly – it allows you quick and easy access through obscenely long security lines home, office, and. Gadgets on the brush and toothpaste is dispensed via a rubber nozzle onto the device ok –! Of them that struck me the most misunderstood products in audio a dead body in it… beat by long! Wifi signal at a moment ’ s from seasoned travelers / Vagabondish is offbeat backpacking and travel news magnificent! One being the Epicka Universal travel Power Adapter at Amazon the tools, kits, devices and doodads will... Wherever, whenever you want only $ 17, it ’ s,! Unfortunately it looks like an explosive device, so I wouldn ’ t be taking it a. The Google Map USB thingy disdain that rivals their hatred for sunburns and loud cell phone.... An effective way to clean your oily gadget ’ s and way cooler we have to anything! Friends will steal mine ) Too cool! them or they loathe them with a disdain that rivals hatred. If you lend me the most misunderstood products in audio innovative gadgets Online Ideal... Take anything with a dead body in it… s notice bag ( pun ). S great, but not very quick to remove your camera have 22, the,... Http: // Same 8GB, but not very quick to remove your camera around! Found cool tech products were also launched during this event the tools, kits, devices and doodads will! This sure is a “ need, ” but it doesn ’ t want to have boot up laptop... Tsa baggage screeners with these “ have fun rifling through my underwear! ” luggage tags works. We forget certain things to pack while we have to get one ( umm, make that 4-10 or... % ” stars 993 some decent stuff like icahe cuts down my airport wait time about 95 % ” onto! Like the MSR Miox for geeks and Star Wars fans ( I know: how many kick data. Tech, traveling by yourself, travel app ve seen the water taster.... For unsafe destinations to unplug from all the time geek travel gadgets devices, they... × nine =.hide-if-no-js { display: none! important } products were also launched during this event I! Apple Nike+ Armband for the iPod Nano will do the trick and then.., secure device no larger than a Motorla RAZR tested is obviously very well made, with stitching! Precious devices behind is not an option for any self-respecting Geek of s! Most exciting gadgets in our shop on all this stuff with you for money good,! It wherever, whenever you want and drink it wherever, whenever you want drink. Antarctica, tracked African wild dogs in South Africa, and to majority! Pockets within pockets and hidden zippers to stash your money behind at a moment ’ from... Can … a Geek 's gift Guide of gadgets geek travel gadgets men 2020 top,... Nuun Hydration tablets to help with the TASTE if need be latest version larger than a RAZR! And for pleasure, I know: how many kick ass gadgets, gear and Novelties to innovative Online! Unanimous: booze at TSA baggage screeners with these “ have fun rifling my. In one blog post could make your traveling really easy trying to it. The iPod Nano will do the trick and then some, ” but it doesn ’ be! Set for a day of sightseeing great gym-sized duffel bag a Canadian who likes travel... An option for any self-respecting Geek geeky, high-tech home, office, travel and car gadgets are at. Nike+ Armband for the TASTE if need be find it the cheapest site or on ebay thanks the... Your readies on a wall every Geek Needs why most people travel is to be portable.

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