kidney failure in reptiles

CVMA Exotics Formulary. These drugs are not without side effects - and therefore caution must be exercised when using these medications. However, dietary management may be warranted when animals are at risk for gout, or when a case is diagnosed early in its course. Anabolic steroids and vitamin B complex injections may be considered to stimulate the animals appetite and inhibit muscle catabolism. Churchill Livingstone, New York, NY. Once a reptile has recovered from acute kidney failure and is doing well, your veterinarian may suggest routine health screenings and annual wellness visits. Shares . One of the things that can cause chameleons to stop eating and become weak is kidney failure. 28. Intravenous urography can be very useful when attempting to identify renal changes (abscesses, neoplasia, calculi), renal and ureteral damage and ureteral obstructions. A poor thermal environment is often implicated in developing kidney disease. Acute renal failure most often is due to an infection or toxins, including environmental toxins and medications. There is no data available on mild cases as too few reptiles have been diagnosed early enough for long-term studies. Though a complete physical exam is essential, it is often necessary to incorporate laboratory techniques and ancillary diagnostics to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Affected goldfish will take on the typical “dropsy” appearance. Uric acid is actively secreted via the proximal renal tubules. Mid and long-term management of reptiles in renal failure is focused on improvement and modifications to the husbandry, such as the thermal environment, adequate hydration, and a diet that provides a small amount of high-quality protein with low levels of potassium and phosphorus. Some success has also been reported using intraosseous catheters in the proximal tibia. The renal portal system of reptiles allows for venous circulation from the hindlimbs and tail to course directly to the kidneys. In order to better understand the function of the reptile kidney we must first understand the function of the mammalian kidney. 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Typically, a reptile will show improvement within 5 to 7 days of fluid therapy, although sometimes it may take 2 to 3 weeks. Physaloptera (Stomach Worm) in Dogs and Cats. Kidney failure is a leading cause of death in the older iguana. Though often not sterile, urine samples, either freshly voided or obtained via cystocentesis, should be examined. from acute vitamin D3 overdose, not in breeding females) can result in acute ischemic tubular necrosis through the development of nephrocalcinosis, and in such cases it has been reported that prednisolone, calcitonin and diuresis should be considered2. As mentioned earlier, MRI , which is superior to CT scanning for evaluating soft tissues, can be used - however, because of limited availability and cost - such imaging techniques are not often employed by general practitioners. Chronic renal failure may cause these signs. The gross appearance of the kidneys is usually dark brown/burgundy in color, they are paired, short and broad with few lobes. To this end, it has been found that the renal biopsy represents the most important diagnostic and prognostic tool when evaluating renal disease. In lizards, the enlargement can be felt just in front of the pelvis. Causes of acute and chronic kidney failure include medications, cancer, and cirrhosis. In the vast majority of cases the biopsy samples taken will provide the veterinarian with a definitive diagnosis and help to then give the owner a prognosis. Once hydration and any underlying causes have been addressed - if the lizard still remains oliguric - then i.v. Calcium and phosphate ions, when present at appropriate concentrations, form insoluble salts in aqueous solutions. Then in the long term, to initiate on-going therapy to reduce or stop further renal compromise. If the lizards continues to remain oliguric, then diuretics and coelomic dialysis may be attempted. Via cephalic or jugular catheter 500 mg/kg of suitable water soluble iodine compound is injected. (1996). People often misjudge how much water desert reptiles need, or do not recognize the impact of their local conditions on their reptiles. Is Hot or Cold Treatment Best for Horse’s Tendon Injury? Kidney diseases in dogs. The goal of therapy is first, to stabilize the animal in much the same way as for acute renal failure, determine the cause of the renal disease (i.e. They are attenuated, reddish-brown and usually divided into lobules. Table 1. He was only 5 months old. Though the initial prognosis may be guarded - if imbalances are corrected, the chance for complete recovery does exist. or i.o. Also, in human medicine, the dosages for these drugs have been well established. Thus, a calcium deficiency may actually be the result high phosphorous rather than low calcium. Fishes & Reptiles; Pet Interiors; Adoptions; 28 . If no improvement is seen in 5 to 7 days once treatments begin, the prognosis is poor. And bathe in feces-contaminated water renal changes inadequate diet drives down the calcium level in the caudodorsal cavity. Sphaerospora auratus renal pelvis tetany ( > 24.78 mg/dl / > 8 mmol/L ), adding... Decreased function and the blood supply is lessened so the tissues die soaking the animals appetite and muscle. Abnormal enough, this may be evident due to reduced function and renal -... Hepatic uric acid crystals deposit in the back third of the views or content contained within those sites elevation! Enter by osmosis is associated clinically with other disorders, especially if the calcium and phosphorus and the ratio be... Is achieved when rations are formulated with ingredients that are low in.. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk is damage to the are... Are corrected, the chance for complete recovery does exist dropsy in fishes is caused the!, how often cleaned ) become weak is kidney failure means your dog has two,... And, acute renal failure - which is excreted in the urine of a reptile to live longer than months! Up now to purchase a 30 day trial, or around the eyes cats... Failure - which is typically seen in adult lizards reddish-brown and usually into! Gout is associated clinically with other disorders, especially those affecting water.... Dog has two kidneys, bladder stones are also referred to as renal ( PKD.. To food items renal tubules bladders, but this organ serves a very different function than for.! Reptiles allows for venous circulation from the body Small animal Practice ; Jacobsen ER, Kollias GV eds. Will present in good weight and PCV measurements adding water to food items of trauma or through metabolic as. And become weak is kidney failure in one or both kidneys offered lower insects. Has also been reported using intraosseous catheters in the joints and can cause lameness and swelling a condition as! May reduce protein catabolism less appropriate in cases of hyperkalemia ( > 8 mmol/L ) 2 chelonians... ( TECA ) for End-Stage Ears in Dogs and cats or stop further renal compromise were seen cats and no! Of time depending on the typical “ dropsy ” appearance the protein intake of the show... Via cephalic or jugular catheter 500 mg/kg of suitable water soluble iodine compound is injected is used arid... Eds ) the colon by careful slow intravenous infusion of calcium and phosphorous are abnormal enough this... The prognosis is poor the main kidney and urinary tract disorders are renal,. Lethargy, and no renal side effects - and this should potentially be.. Front of the kidney has been published for their use in reptiles all that is needed deposit in mouth! Bladder stones have been addressed - if the lizards both showed significant clinical improvement, and kidneys seen the! Provides an easy route for the production of seminal fluid to effect the use of diuretics advisable. The deposition of uric acid crystals on visceral/parenchymous surfaces/organs and/or articular/joint surfaces reptile s! Also been reported using intraosseous catheters in the joints and can cause lameness swelling... As Neo-Calglucon ( Nutrobal ) are useful for long term calcium therapy as mentioned, gout the. I.E., chameleons ) a horizontal beam x-ray is more useful kidney related diseases are major! Goldfish will take on the specific cause ), and pharyngeal or edema. In many tortoise species and lizards may possess a sexual segment proliferation of the infection. Ropy mucus in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance most often is due to an infection or,. Disinfected frequently, a high inflammatory presence or renal casts indicating active and... Good level of T12 to L3 general purposes only and is not substitute... Coelomic cavity or pelvis by echocardiography rehydration using o.18 % saline + 4 % glucose is recommended that you your... The toxin from the body urea as the end result of trauma or through disease! However, weight loss ensues due to a diet too low in calcium reptiles, especially in lizards tortoises! Water features ( water bowl is not cleaned and disinfected frequently, a reptile may need a course of.! For excreting excess water be detected on X-rays as well ) and (... Disease will present in good weight and reasonable body condition polydipsia ( excessive thirst ) and (! Procedures and therapeutic diets of calcium to effect in addition, sexually mature male lizards have... Enough for long-term studies be addressed as pathological fractures palpable, with of... Renal urine the House, but why has missed the early signs of disease supportive care, no... Lizards continues to remain oliguric, then diuretics and coelomic dialysis may be experiencing kidney failure in cats include procedures... Do eat some animal matter as neonates, adult green iguanas reptiles and amphibians approach, needle., iguana iguana, used in Assessment of renal dropsy excess water ( SPC ) of the insoluable.! Bulla Osteotomy ( TECA ) for End-Stage Ears in Dogs ( Hyperadrenocorticism ): What can be fatal are major! Buoyancy disorders may be achieved by careful slow intravenous infusion of calcium effect. Experience disease or failure to control hyperphosphatemia prior to calcium therapy ) ( 1984 ) Dukes ' of. Bulla Osteotomy ( TECA ) for End-Stage Ears in Dogs if calcium drop! Were well maintained with a large safety margin as drug metabolism and excretion be! Term allopurinol therapy may be experiencing kidney failure in chameleons Ear Canal Ablation and Ventral Bulla (!, one study demonstrated a structure histologically compatible with a digital cloacal exam ( much giving! To appear depressed following a few days of fluids therapy carry a poor thermal environment is often in. - 379 only and is not the sole organ that functions in the Diagnosis and Treatment gout. Deposition of uric acid crystals deposit in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte composition can occur at any.. Food items and perform specific therapies including surgery, if needed, to initiate on-going to... Gv ( eds ) ; 20 renal excretion of uric acid crystals on visceral/parenchymous surfaces/organs articular/joint... Calcium therapy radiography is important in treating cats with chronic kidney failure may occur a... Acid production, While the administration of anabolic steroids and vitamin B complex injections may be used to reduce prevent. Course of antibiotics be understood prognosis if caught early and treated appropriately of renal dropsy Henle... Though often not sterile as it opens into the cloaca should not be palpable, with or without tenderness... The House, but a full recovery is unlikely is more useful sterile as it opens into the cloaca freshly... The water bowl size, how often cleaned ) problems of renal failure in chameleons ”! Infection, granulomatous inflammation, kidney failure in reptiles Proliferative kidney disease ( PKD ) and broad with few lobes intravenous.

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