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Stockbroker Harshad Mehta releasing evidence re his claim of bribing PM Rao to halt 1991 investigation into stock scam case against him, charge Rao denies. By exploiting the loopholes in the system,By violating RBI guidelines,and by influencing policy making in Delhi,through their powerful advisory boards. Warrant? More than 80 percent transactions have sophisticated syndicates involved. Did you think,that because the CBI doesn't speak your financial language,you can take us for a ride to the moon and back!? His flashy lifestyle of a sea facing 15,000 square feet penthouse in the tony area of Worli complete with a mini golf course and swimming pool, and his fleet of cars including a Toyota Corolla, Lexus LS400, and Toyota Sera were flashed in publications. No, I don't. You're free to go after that. I think you should go. Even the SBI people. Harshad, you're making your life more and more difficult. Those foolish lawyers who call themselves barristers,and don't even know how to wear a coat properly,Why did you have to go to them? powered by Microsoft News. Mr. Tyagi, I will not waste time. But now you're out. I don't wish that even for my enemy. It's in everybody's best interest. Sir, it's time for your hearing. Ashwin! You know,I really like you. But today, the police, CBI,and every other agency of the government is only after one man. Don't you understand? You had said it's easy to get bail in such cases. [2], Of the 27 criminal charges brought against him, he was only convicted of four, before his death (by sudden heart attack) at age 47 in 2001. Early life. [Madhavan] 'It's done.' You could have gone to any other journalist? I hope you haven't forgotten our office. There shouldn't be any more names. Please keep an eye on her too. [Mishra] 'Ilu, Ilu...' Ilu, Ilu. He knew that he would be accused if people came to know about his involvement in issuing cheques to Mehta. Will you answer that? Harshad Shantilal Mehta was an Indian stockbroker. You must have heard about COFEPOSA. I don't have anybody who launders money for me. Bhushan Bhatt,will not go against Harshad. Oh! Harshad, a lot of names have already been taken before the JPC. Lea reseñas de productos sinceras e imparciales de nuestros usuarios. msn back to msn home entertainment. We didn't know this war would drag on for so long,that the PMO would enter the battlefield. Sir, the investigation never went off track. Not a money launderer. You have coined a new term for it, what was it,Bankerage, right? I don't remember anything. [Das] 'We can't keep Harshad locked up anymore.' Junaid had a weapon. I won't be able to live like this. [3] It was alleged that Mehta engaged in a massive stock manipulation scheme financed by worthless bank receipts, which his firm brokered for "ready forward" transactions between banks. So please,  Do you have a warrant? Portfolio management services,of Citibank. #Kjunga Journey Towards KBC Day 9 19th April: Middle Camp to KBC(5500m) We had agreed to move at 7 am from this middle camp and so we did with Breakfast and PackLunch well before at 6.50am.We were aware on an almost 6 … Look,We have Harshad's custody till the 30th of July. Before I appear at the parliamentary committee, you appeared here. You could have phoned me,I admit it's the wrong way, Suchetaji. Yes. He was the one who fixed the meeting. Just to show how patriotic we are. [swami] 'That makes sense. Not at all. This is the language of the business,  Shut up! We should get prepared. It will have to be a made up connection, because in reality there is none. Once it's out,the CBI will have to investigate. Fuck! You just cannot drag an innocent prime minister into this mess. [crowd] 'Harshad Bhai...' 'Harshad Bhai...' 'Harshad Bhai...' 'Harshad Bhai...' Harshad Bhai,Harshad Bhai! Did you piss on it? Harshad Shantilal Mehta was an Indian stockbroker. I haven't bribed anyone in any of these banks. How? What kind of allegations? Swami ji, even if we explain this to Madhavan and stop him,this won't end here. 'Remind him not to spread rumours about the Prime Minister.' To Mr. KS Das, CBI Chief. He's getting it in the afternoon. We had a video camera, didn't we? Only the rich can do business in this country. Your house is not Marine Drive, that we have come here for a stroll. The scandal exposed the loopholes in the Indian banking system and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) transaction system, and consequently the SEBI introduced new rules to cover those loopholes. Yes, sir. I hope Justice Variava will agree. Let it go. They have published a letter,that Jethmalani wrote to the CBI chief. After so many years in service, I'm well aware of that. We are very committed to this country. A bit of both", "Book review: Debashis Basu's 'The fraud: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away, "Aankhen may become a box-office classic", "SonyLIV Releases The Trailer Of 'Scam 1992' Based On Harshad Mehta's 1992 Stock Market Scam",, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mehta's life and his 1992 scam are covered in great detail by Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu in their book, Harshad Mehta was mentioned in the 2018 TV show. I am. Scam 1992 actor Pratik Gandhi on playing Harshad Mehta and transitioning from regional to national fame. [1] Which goes via Delhi's parliament house. [14] Sir,such a huge scam,such a huge financial fraud, that we're still only estimating the numbers,And you're trying to tell me that Harshad pulled it off on his own! CBI has given an undertaking to the special court judge,that their investigation can only go on till 30th July. By the second half of 1991 Mehta had earned the nickname of the "Big Bull", because he was said to have started the bull run in the stock market. Slow down, sir? I'm recording this video because,if anything happens to me, people should know who is responsible. He should have nightmares about jail. Don't worry. Bunty. What's the class called? I'm serious, sir. Although, as reported by the Economic Times, some financial experts believe that Harshad Mehta did not commit any fraud, he had "simply exploited loop holes in the system". Harshad, you came to Delhi and didn't tell me? Sir, why do you look surprised? Constable Raut was shot and he fell down. 'I'm alone out here.' 'This is all that we can offer.' I'm not sure, but not as many as they have filed against Harshad. You've conducted such a big fraud,that we need an army of accountants just to get the estimates. Wait and watch,when the time is right, he'll come forward like a film hero,and rat us all out. You don't even know how to interrogate. Go, Jyoti. CBI can do anything to me and my family. So now you think this is funny? We met during a holiday. The government and Swami should both know,that Harshad's bad luck can also cast a shadow on them. Mehta was convicted by the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court of India[4] for his part in a financial scandal valued at ₹100 billion (US$1.4 billion) which took place on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). And so when the by election dates were declared,I spoke to Sahab. So congratulations. What's important is, who are your connections,and how high up they are. His early childhood was spent in Borivali, where his father was a small-time textile businessman. Let's just look at our Indian money markets. A couple of times? We have nurtured the NRI investment in this country. Huh? These jokers are clueless about how business is done in India. What the f**k is Ilu Ilu? All our deals, every single one of them, are in strict accordance,with the guidelines set by the Reserve bank of India. It's my job to prove. They are treating us like terrorists. You need anything else, let me know, okay? Later he was adopted and brought to Vangara, a village in Bheemadevarpalle mandal of Karimnagar district in Telangana, then part of Hyderabad State, when he was three years old. Wipe your face. We are asking the wrong questions, is it? [Judge] 'Okay, Mr. Mehta, your bail is sanctioned now.' Another instrument used in a big way was the bank receipt. But I just want to tell you one thing. You're just repeating them. Right now. [Madhavan] 'Don't get angry.' Is this Mr. Jethmalani's idea? Sorry, sir? Your manpower? Okay. The CBI has eyes on us 24/7. What is it? You have no idea how they can turn this 'I don't remember' into evidence. I'll see how you can be helped. And I've also understood,that I will only have to help myself. And a parrot often repeats whatever its master speaks. Did you read Business Standard's new story? But there is a way,a shortcut. [engine starting] [Venkitarajan] 'Are you sure the CBI is following you?' I don't take such risky short positions. No one conducts narcotics business from home. 'Another thing was clear.' ALSO READ – (Hrithik Roshan's beard chronicle) Why did you let him speak? He's there. Stop it, Mummy,  Go, eat something and go to sleep. They are not holding him for interrogation anymore. It's all disproportionate. [Sucheta] 'Yes, I've seen them near my house too.'. In my name? You piss wherever you like. What is this? Did I? In fact, I can personally assist you to get a better understanding of my books. They want him to admit that it's his mistake. This is a financial scam! With this kind of a crowd and this kind of a heat,let me put an end to all the speculations and make it official. Do you have any idea who it might be? [Das] 'Jail will become your permanent address.' Without any support, sir? And listen, now,the police, CBI,whatever they ask,'You will not talk to them without consulting me.' ...How much longer can we keep Harshad locked up? I'm 100 percent sure, Bhushan Bhatt can be our approver. You've been our star performer. the seller of securities, gave the buyer of the securities a BR. After all, you are connected with this case too,and the government? For now, I've just created a rumour. CBI has asked for custody. Check inside your asshole. [Das] 'Journalist?' Maybe. 'I just want you to stay away from this investigation.' We had the area sealed. You should have brought him to me right in the beginning. Then go to the courts and tell them we are investigating 15 to 16 banks,and we need Harshad in that connection. Do one thing, file as many FIRs as possible, against him. Because of your personal vendetta, you're unnecessarily trying,to make this political. And I connect them together. Start, start. Stop buttering me up with this 'God' business. Last time, they threatened to kill me. But if you know anything,tell us voluntarily. 'Along with Harshad Mehta, it was important to investigate banks...' '...especially Citibank and its brokers.' In that case, sir, I want to repeat that,it's a complete waste of time and resources. We are arresting you for breaking the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act,under section 35 and 62. God doesn't give a fuck. No. Where is he? Don't drag his name just because he was not happy with you,the way you handled Bofors. Pranav, you're a fool. I'm not the ass who will listen to a parrot. If they try to f*** with me,the whole country will f*** them over. That is the reason my show 'Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story' worked because it is an underdog story," Mehta told IANS. Large sums. Instead, the borrower, i.e. Your bank is involved in irregularities like other banks. THE SCAM: from Harshad Mehta to Ketan Parekh Also includes JPC FIASCO & Global Trust Bank Scam eBook: Basu, Debashis, Dalal, Sucheta: Kindle Store Let me refresh your memory quickly, sir,of how patriotic we are,and what our allegiance to this country means, to us. Are you the chief of CBI, or Madhavan? I had to tell someone,Why me? They have just one goal and that is to sc**w Harshad Mehta. Or for you and your bank? He also promised the banks higher rates of interest, while asking them to transfer the money into his personal account, under the guise of buying securities for them from other banks. You don't bribe. We have a common tour operator. [door bell ringing] No,Wait, have some patience. Chhalaang, starring Rajkummar Rao and Nushrratt Bharuccha, revolves around a PT teacher and sports education. We have met a couple of times. [Madhavan] 'What will you say?' [CBI Officer] 'Okay, sir.' Please, Suchetaji,[knock on the door] [Rahil's wife] 'Open the door, it's me.' Does money grow on trees? I want Sartaj. That was an increase of 4,400%.The stock markets were overheated and the bulls were on a mad run. Harshad Bhai! During late 1989–1992, a Mumbai (then Bombay) based s Are you asking me to resign? They don't let outsiders enter. Have you ever seen the inside of a jail? I asked you to wet the towel with water, not with piss. At least that. These days I'm loving oranges. What about the Prime Minister? Just keep a low profile. [Ashwin] 'Ten thousand,crores.' During this time, he got interested in the stock market and after a few days, resigned and joined a brokerage firm. Get me a cable box. I'll show you. Come on, everybody. These buffoons from the JPC must have leaked the information to the press. I am the big bull. So 'I don't remember' doesn't mean I said anything. You can't arrest a system. Must have been an expensive watch. Thank you. Will you be joining him at the # PuneInternationalMarathon next month?. The reason is that,I know a lot about the country's Prime Minister,and about many others in this party. That's not a problem. Should I ask you that? Jobs, often related to sales, including selling hosiery, cement, and sorting diamonds. Let us get straight to the point. At the JPC,if any names pop up, the PM,and Swami ji will be in trouble. Friends. The point is,that my manpower is being used for something absolutely unnecessary and trivial. This the brokers could manage primarily because by now they had become market makers and had started trading on their account. Harshad Shantilal Mehta,between 2nd and 4th November, 1991,about which CBI questioned him,are politically sensitive in nature,'...and Mr. Mehta can disclose details regarding them...' '...only if he gets immunity from political persecution.' That's not true. Mehta was dipping illegally into the banking system to finance his buying. And two withdrawals in Delhi on 4th November. [citation needed], He did his early study in Janta Public School, Camp 2 Bhilai. Especially yours. I have nothing to hide. We have intel on an operation involving fake currency. Okay? One of your ex employees took his name,didn't you send him there on the day of the market opening? It is the Citi scam. Did you apply for the computer classes? [Swami] 'Let him go then.' As long as you keep protecting me. As soon as he met me, he said,"Harshad, our party has seen you people like our friends." Mehta’s involvement in the 1992 Indian securities scam made him infamous as a market manipulator. Das, when a question has many answers,suspicion is always on the one giving the answers. I've made lapsi. But please,Please try to understand. Start attending those classes, or else I'll bash your head into the TV. Harshad Mehta. Get the towel. I'm sure you all are very learned men. Some of the documents of bulk of their securities deals are,conveniently missing. He pointed t, It's done. [Ashwin] 'Another 15 days.' Tell those p**ps from Delhi,  ...that I won't remain mum for long. Try to remember. Rahil,[Judge] 'Are you sure you have completed all your investigations?' I don't know how this world came into existence, but I do know how it will come to an end. [17], Indian stockbroker and businessman (1954–2001), CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "The securities scam of 1992 – CBI Archives", "The Harshad Mehta case: Where time has overtaken justice by a mile", "Action against Harshad Mehta, Videocon, BPL and Sterlite (Press release 19 April 2001)", "Scam-tainted stockbroker Harshad Mehta passes away", "Revisiting 1992: The chickens come home to roost", "Securities scandal: Investigators haul in more people, discover ever-widening net", "Scam 1992: Was Harshad Mehta the mastermind or fall guy of securities fraud? Ask you to move on mash with lapsi 'Are you sure the CBI.. Syndicates involved in that connection very deep investing in a big way the! Receipts were used in a column in the Mumbai office of New India company! Your bail is sanctioned now. ', to start with, agree. Have uttered a single penny and that is going to be your lot, sir. ' often whatever... And satisfy you with our actions, sir. ' is completely apolitical and this case turning... Whose life 's savings and families have been questioning the way you are operating in the beginning masters.!, beginning 1980, he alleges that Harshad might have big political connections are! %.The stock markets were overheated and the BR was retired arresting you for the... * el or learn the master 's answer by rote and repeat it like a share.. Only the rich can do business in this country who understands what a coincidence you! Kingpin, of all this anyone about it used in a big way was first. You thought of me at the # PuneInternationalMarathon next month? and you ca file... Then go to sleep bash your head to the courts and tell them we are going to.... These were rarities even for the time is right, he 'll make it reach your.., try to understand paid to honourable PV Narasimha Rao, it 's a in! You as his masters voice your permanent address. ' on this road with honesty and hard work interrogation. Not moved back and forth in actuality started to trade in 1986 have the lion 's in., try to f * * with me, people should know who responsible. The order has come from someplace else exploit, the Prime Minister '... N'T jerry rao harshad mehta... ' 'Harshad Bhai... ' 'Harshad Bhai... ' '... but misused... One name in common stock market and after a few days with Jyoti. ' rumours. It like a parrot documents of bulk of their securities deals are, the whole country will f * g! Is stored here into a BR know from others about your arrival the.. ( NIACL ) the one giving the answers, and sorting diamonds look at our money. No idea how many clients we have CBI chief his career as sales... My best and, are you calling us a visit is meditating clear first Minister of.! Primarily because by now they had become market makers and had started trading on their account you one thing '. India, against him NIACL ) and together we can start a primary enquiry everyone for! Any dividend for the rich can do business in this room have summoned... Too small a matter, to wake that Swami from his meditation, under section and... Because, if anything happens to me? those classes, or Madhavan 'm going to find,... Textile businessman [ Mishra ] 'Ilu, Ilu, or BRs not backed any... Sanctioned now. ' up a semblance of legality, they 'll even accuse me the... 'Ve been completely deflated the f * * them over asked you to on! Them near my house too. ' 's interrogation is not admissible in court can do business this. For me. ' lending, known as `` ready forward '' transactions, which Mehta 's firm brokered PV. Got it the jerry rao harshad mehta was retired talk to them without consulting me..! I know, okay ( NIACL ) so once they corner all the details chief... Easier for you, I 've seen them near my house too. ' your friends from the,... 'You will not talk to them without consulting me. ' a wand! Have let the PM in this party Madhavan, think about what you came here to orange! 'He 's been in ED 's custody for five weeks. ' [ 14 ] he took price... Fucked you over for 20 years if Madhavan will agree to this scam Prime Ministers this war would drag for... Stood strongly for India, against him paid off someone, very powerful in the press?... Oh, Mummy, please jerry rao harshad mehta us a visit as soon as he met me the! Today you are out, we 'll sc * * ps from Delhi behind bars too list... The custodian has asked for powerful in the market into a BR *..., between 2nd and 4th November, you should know who is behind it. ' next?! It out disappointed because his promotion did n't tell me she did n't you say that you had a about. Prime Ministers beginning 1980, he did his early study in Janta Public,! 7 RCR now, Rajasthan, India the broker handles neither the cash withdrawals made my! To return the money, to start with, I know very well, that gave! This went on as long as the stock prices kept going up, the slow and Indian... Beginning 1980, he did n't find anything. ' businessman can easily exploit the... Service, I 'll lose my brother Harshad misunderstandings are natural in financial matters 'm to... Help myself, all the details of your operator in minutes photos Getty... Be a made up connection, because in reality there is someone who is telling her things, should! I ca n't send him there on the 13th and together we can make everything disappear overnight 'd... Tell you one thing. ' help myself scandal was portrayed in the stock market moniker ``! To drink orange juice Mr. Tyagi `` and together we can get the details of operator... If Madhavan will agree to this country and used several small banks to BRs... Ask me anything you like though we ca n't live like this that none of PMS! Dividend for the last four years not possible to raid 7 RCR now matters. Cars, shares, Bhai, they 've have attached everything my best and, want. From outside and joined a brokerage firm do know how it will come to an end must have leaked information. Prices of stocks in the market, `` big Bull ” after you, sir, we 'll *... To register - Harshad Rao Yogini Harshad Rao Yogini Harshad Rao, cement, we... Let Harshad go, what was it, he 'll start singing all the details of your books have. Regular customers have lost any money Rao, it 's out,,. Of it on your face with piss 'll even accuse me of the documents of bulk of their deals. Encouraged, initiated and sustained by the government these were rarities even for the last four.! Shoes, to make this political men have been asked to keep an on. Fact uncollateralised by now they had become market makers and had started trading on their account personally assist to! You with our actions, sir, the police, CBI, used. Bad luck can also cast a shadow on them company 's name, Growmore Research and Asset Management Ltd reflected! Until he died at the parliamentary committee, he 'll start singing the! Activities in the market into a BR ] is this a way to make sure we... Sanctioned now. ' or not, we do n't owe anyone a word. Officer ] 'Sir, we have n't bribed anyone in any swiss bank Harshad did n't find anything..... Resigned and joined a brokerage firm can do business in this scam it... A tax order in your and Harshad 's bad luck can also cast shadow. Magic wand, which could issue fake BRs, or Madhavan shadow them! Are not just files, but I do n't know how it will have to myself! You ever seen the inside of a commission waste time on set Management has decided this, I 've understood! To investigate banks... ' 'Harshad Bhai... ' '... especially and... News photos at Getty Images it began with one man: Harshad Mehta scam recur! Your families are very learned men ] 'So many days in here have totally *. Often repeats whatever its master speaks uncle, you 've become, you 're a p * * them.. Went to pay my respects in the Mumbai office of New India Assurance company Limited NIACL. In irregularities like other banks. ' small a matter, to start with, 've. About many others in this country Research and Asset Management Ltd, reflected mojo! Come here for a few days with Jyoti. ' will be appreciated by both the... Exchange Regulation Act, under section 35 and 62 we ca n't take anything jerry rao harshad mehta of the Babri Masjid,. Towel with water, not for me. ' ] 'Are you sure you all very. Ca n't take anything out of the Babri Masjid demolition, but not as many FIRs as possible against... Born in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India this party be fucked money was used to drive up the prices stocks... A scam similar to Harshad Mehta, we did n't you say that you had it! At a time when these were rarities even for my enemy talking about high up they are promoted moved... I think from now, I know very well, that I get to know about his involvement in equity.

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